Why Stop At Calling Yourself A Blogger?

Aren’t you more than that?

Even if you’re a person focuses on using a blog as your primary marketing device…aren’t you really first a business owner?  An entrepreneur?  If you only blog for personal reasons…a creator?  An artist?  Even a writer?

This “magical” labeling of people as bloggers (or worse pro-bloggers) means absolutely nothing.  Zero, zilch, nada.  Even the alternative labels above mean nothing really…as this all really boils down to two things…

What have you done (i.e. added value to people’s lives) and what are you going to do (i.e. change the world somehow, even in a small way)?

There are people out there who need you to believe that “blogging for money” is the “next big thing”.  And before you fire up your email program, I’m not talking about the original “ProBlogger” Darren Rowse either.  He even admits in his book that blogging makes money with both direct and indirect sources (I’m willing to bet the indirect income probably makes more).

Brian Clark at Copyblogger freely admits that his extremely popular blog actually doesn’t produce the majority of his income (not even close).  It’s a credibility enhancer and marketing tool for his products (read:  his business).

What do these two entrepreneurs with “A-list” blogs prove?

Blogs are a tool used to express your ideas, and for business people…used to market those ideas, products, and services…nothing more.

Either way you use a blog, whether it be to express your opinions to the world (a la the personal type of blogging)…or to market your business, products, or services (which by the way includes advertising being sold on a blog)…either way you use a blog…it represents a tool to accomplish a task, nothing more.

So why stop at only calling yourself a blogger (or pro-blogger, whatever)?  Aren’t you short-changing yourself if you do?  Are you limiting the potential of your business if you do (i.e. tunnel vision, myopia, etc…)?