Today is Independence Day.

Aside from its obvious importance to America, and remembering the people who sacrificed to provide our Independence…I want to take this concept to a smaller level today.

I would also like you to think about who may have helped you gain some sort of independence for yourself.


Because I’ve realized that quite a few people think they got where they are in life because of what they’ve done, or what they’ve accomplished.  In most cases, that simply isn’t true.

Perhaps a friend introduced you to someone who got you your dream job…

…maybe, when the chips were down, someone paid your rent so you wouldn’t have to go homeless…

…or maybe, a connection you made in the past paid off, and in reciprocation, that person got you some other “leg up” in life…

Whatever the case may be, those people gave you a form of independence right?

Let’s take some time today ( in addition to the bigger purpose for today ) to think about (and perhaps reconnect with) those people that gave you your individual independence.

Have a great and safe Independence Day.