New Writing Focus: White Papers and Case Studies

Over the next couple of months I will be adding a writing focus to my service offering.

I will be writing both white papers and case studies for clients.

Over the years I’ve written a number of different types of copy … but mainly sales material (sales letters, selling emails, etc…).

I’ve written white papers and case studies as well, especially in print form in my early days as a copywriter (circa 2001 – 2003).  I’ve also written some longer essays with a focus on how technology affects our culture.

I want to focus more towards writing white papers and case studies over the coming months. My recent skills set now includes the ability to tell stories, and research fairly deep topics.

Both are necessary for these two types of writing. With that in mind, here’s to an added career direction.

Contact me if you’re interested in exploring either of these two writing opportunities for your business.

At first, my fees will be on the more “reasonable” end of the scale, but will soon increase as I get more clients in these areas.

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