Where’s The Beef? Yet Another Thing I Wish Email Marketers Wouldn’t Do…

I remember a commercial from the 80’s about Wendy’s Hamburgers.

Where’s the beef? They would ask this about their competitor’s hamburgers…claiming that a Wendy’s Hamburger had more delicious beef than say, McDonalds.

Well, I’m asking that of email marketers now.

Where’s the beef email marketers?  What content and other trust-building offers are you creating to develop a relationship with the people who take time to read your emails?

The great unfollowing, unsubscribing, and great filtering has begun folks…and that means if you offer little more than a sales pitch in your emails, you’ll soon be toast.

Believe me or don’t, but don’t come cryin’ to me when the money runs out…people aren’t stupid, and are getting bored with crap promos being sent every single email you send them.

And yes, I will call “I told you so” on this topic. 😉