Where Does Your Focus Exist?

As humans, we sometimes fall into the trap of trying to find the shortcuts.

You know, the kind of shortcuts where we do the least and get the most.

When it comes to the people that visit our affiliate websites every day, should we be looking for shortcuts?

Provide a site that delivers some info, and gets the most “ROI” from that activity in terms of conversions?

I don’t think so.

Instead, I feel we should be looking for ways to deliver “just a bit more” than expected…as there are people visiting our site, and not just search engine robots…right?

Since the search engine robots don’t visit our affiliate links and help us get paid affiliate commissions…why focus on them? (and no, I’m not just talking about the SEO vs. writing for people debate)

The same people who complain about having their sites “Google slapped”, and their accounts banned, I will bet most of them are looking for the shortcuts mentioned above (doing the least to get the highest ROI).

Folks, there are far fewer examples (if any) of people getting Google slapped with a real, content-rich, and value added website than there are those who get slapped looking for shortcuts and ways to “game the system”.

That alone would tell me which side of the fence I want to be sitting on.

If you want to keep looking for that “magic shortcut” or “little trick” to gain traffic in the short term, by all means, go ahead…while you continue to chase money…the rest of us will build stable, long-term income.

Harsh reality? Yep…

Do you need to change the way you approach your business?  Up to you.