When the going gets tough, can you afford to market?

Can you afford not to? Do you want to grow your business in the tough times?

Do yourself and your business a favor and click on the Google pic above, then do a search for business marketing ideas…how many different ideas come up?

I already know the answer to these questions, so don’t worry about emailing me or anything. It is during the tough times that I can almost assure you most other businesses have also cut their marketing budgets, among other expenses like training, supplies, and other necessities to run a business. The fear of becoming unprofitable is overwhelming isn’t it?

I am writing this May’s tip to tell you that because most of your competitors and other businesses are not devoting as many resources to marketing during the tough times…That you are in prime position to take advantage of the situation! Get out there and market your business! The “marketing traffic” is down, so your message will be more clearly received when not combined with as many other messages during these times. Some quick ideas (and inexpensive ideas) to take advantage of:

1) Speak in front of groups of people at your location or at a hotel with useful information related to your industry. For example, an automotive business owner may have a “clinic” on a topic pertaining to vehicle maintenance.

This event at his/her shop would include beverages and hot dogs or other refreshments. Advertise in the local paper and throw away papers three weeks before, then two weeks before, then the week of the event you are going to hold. At the event, you make contact with the buying public interested in what you have to say.

How wonderful is that?

Distribute your promotional materials freely, complete with incentives for the new clients to do business with you. While you may not sell anything depending on the type of business you operate, you have made contact and put your name in front of the buying public.

2) Offer a irresistible discount or free service or items as a means of drawing people to your business. Advertise something that the buying public just cannot resist, even if you “cringe” at the thought of giving something away.

Remember, these are tough times, and you are going to be doing what other businesses will not to continue to drive customers through your doors.

Remember also to advertise this discounted “loss leader” through a newspaper, magazine, or by just going out to a public place and handing out flyers.

Also, make sure that you have other items or services to sell when the customer traffic is flowing.

Thanks for viewing this months tip.

Joe Ratliff