What Kind Of Hunting You Should Be Doing When You’re Creating Products And Services…

What do you do when it comes to creating products?

If you do what most marketers do…

1)  Sign up to some PLR content site.

2)  Take said PLR part of the membership.

3)  Lazily put said PLR sites and material up for sale on a domain (copied and pasted, no creativity or ingenuity whatsoever).

4)  Continue leaving money on the table, in fact hemorraging money until you shut said online business down in about 6 months or less.

Then you’re missing the boat…big time. Here’s what to do (for real) so you can actually begin to make money with an internet business…


1)  The first step is to identify a trend or market influence…

This is a huge concept that’s missed by 9 out of 10 internet marketers.

An example is the recession we are currently in.

Savvy marketers (those with thriving online businesses) identified this trend as one that would affect a large part of their respective markets.  It doesn’t matter whether you have a health business, a money business, etc… whatever, you needed to pro-actively (not re-actively) adjust to this impact on your market, so you can continue to build your business.

Those that didn’t at all…have closed their online doors already.

So what’s the business lesson here?  Pay fucking attention to the trends affecting your business…before they affect your business.

Read the newspaper once in awhile, set up Google Alerts for your particular niche and actually participate in the discussions that have the highest impact on your business, and go to your local bookstore (Borders) and look through the magazine rack and best-seller books to find out what’s hot.

There are a number of ways to “pay attention”, but just implementing an organized system for the above can put you on the path to huge success.

The internet is such a powerful marketing medium, that those who operate mostly online typically get a little lazy (I do sometimes) because it’s really easy to make an obscene amount of money once you know what you’re doing.


Because if you master online marketing, offline marketing can be mastered fairly easy, and once you combine the two…you’re set.  The reverse is also true for offline marketers in most cases.

Quit being lazy, and satisfied (a big business killer), with the money you’re making now…instead pay attention and profit.

2)  The next step is to identify pain, problems, and wants (not needs) of a market of people (notice I said people, these aren’t robots or Google), in a market that responds to that market influence…

Back to our example…the recession.

What pains, problems and wants do people in a recession need identified (in the middle class and below, we’ll get to the affluent in a minute) ?

For those that don’t have disposable income…

Pains and problems probably include fear of spending, uncomfortable lifestyle, living paycheck to paycheck where they may not have before, investment programs not showing positive results etc…

Many marketers would view these things and immediately take the lazy way out and start to market to these pains.  Some would just give up.

Not quite the right answer.

We have to get to the “wants”…cut through the “bull”…and quit listening to the damn media about how bad the “economy” is on business.

Sure, there are less people spending money, but two questions come to mind:

1)  Are they spending less because they are not being marketed to properly?

2)  Do you serve the entire U.S. population as a market?

Hmmm…think about those 2 questions deeply for about 5 minutes.  What is your “true” market…and how can you adjust your marketing (or even the items you promote to that market) so that you can maximize this opportunity to sell solutions.

So what are the wants?  Well, solid market research will answer that very question (you can download the Gold Member’s Only report on research here).   Don’t search for niches, instead adjust your thinking to how people are buying…and sell to them. Look at buying trends within your niche.

NOTE: This may require you sell something different, or in a different way than you have, but nobody says that adjusting to major market influences is a walk in the park.

If you are searching for a niche to begin selling to…no problem, follow the instructions in the downloadable report above…and find a niche of buyers.

As for a mass-affluent…first class seats are still selling out on airplanes, season tickets to sporting events are still selling out, and these people are still renewing their memberships to yearly corporate jet rentals…so they are still spending.  Just market to them the right way.

Then move on to step 3, the critical one.

3)  The last step is to create a product or service (from your heart, not using recycled content) that matches or solves the pain, problems or wants of said market…

Found or adjusted to a niche?  Good.

Now create a product, but not in the lazy way.  Don’t use PLR content…don’t rewrite PLR content…don’t re-hash.

Create a product from your heart, a product from you (for real).

This is where many internet business owners fail big time.  They try to short-cut the process of creating a unique product, providing a unique solution, to a unique market.

Unique product, providing a unique solution, to a unique market that you discovered.  Why the fuck would you dilute the value of that by introducing an unknown PLR content piece, or some other short cut, to your market?

Heysoos Christay people!

If you don’t feel like providing real, personal, unique content on your paid products and services to your market…what other shortcuts are you taking?

Every shortcut you take = lost profits.  Period.

Many marketers sell PLR rights, many marketers sell resell rights, or other licenses…and that’s ok to do just that (in fact, it’s a very lucrative business).

But they are selling those opportunities to lazy people.

People who don’t want to take the time to set themselve apart from the rest of the businesses in their market.  And those businesses usually end up becoming the 90% that fail within 5 years or less.

Especially in a recession.

Does that mean that all PLR is evil and not worth a dime?  Does that mean PLR doesn’t have it’s place?

Nope.  There is a place and time to use PLR.

But NOT to sell your flagship or primary product or service to your target market.

The product has to come from you…because your market is buying from you.  You should continually be hunting for that market of rabid buyers…and cultivate a relationship with them.

Do that, and your business will become recession proof.

Business is and always will be about the people, people. 🙂

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - Your partner to online profits
Joseph Ratliff - Your partner to online profits
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