What Is The Profitable Business Edge, Part 3

Hello, welcome to the third and final sequel of the trilogy.

I am just going to touch base on the 4 items we finished with from the last post…

So, what is the real deal with the signature?
Well, in my signature file I typically use “author of The Profitable Business Edge” and now use “author of The Profitable Business Edge 2 .
This has developed to serve a few purposes. It is the branded name of my first real business blog yes, and now will carry on to this blog’s sequel (which I will get to in a moment). Next, there are plans in the works for books that I am writing that I cannot divulge too much detail on just yet. Notice the bold on the “s”. 😉
So, I am going to publish an actual, covered, printed book in the upcoming months for all business owners online and off to enjoy. Part of my surprise for the 100th post centers around this little invention of mine.
Where is The Profitable Business Edge 2 going to take us?
The cool thing about the sequel blog, located at http://josephratliff.com , is it has all of my posts up to this series in it, plus more that I have added since then. Check it out, because in addition to the content quality being “on the edge,” I have learned a lot about blogging. For example, The Profitable Business Edge 2 is a fully functional WordPress style blog using my name as a domain. Easy to remember.
In the future, I will be opening a feature for content writers to add carefully selected marketing pieces containing “insider secrets” that will benefit all business owners (me too). Be on the look out for hidden extras as well.
And now, the question and answer you have all been waiting for…

What about the 100th post to the original should I be watching for?
Bonus time. On the 100th post, which will be obvious to all the readers…I will place a subscription form where upon submitting your email and name (again, sorry, I want to track results with this) and receive the following for FREE:

  • A special free report “The Best 10 Out of The First 100”, a kind of Greatest Hits for The Profitable Business Edge based on visits and other accumulated stats. ($27 value)
  • An audio titled “Breaking Loose, Taking Your Business Beyond The Mediocre” by me. This audio will contain the critical information you need to step up and really rake in the profits. This audio will be like sitting in a room with me and getting a “hot seat treatment.” ($197 value)
  • And…last but not least, only those that submit their name and email address on this list will receive a FREE copy of my first book in pdf format when it hits the shelves. You will also have an opportunity to receive a special offer on the hard copy version (really special offer).

So, that about does it. Pay careful attention to this blog for that special day, as I will be limiting the number of free bonuses to under 250 people (announcements will be made on both this blog, and The Profitable Business Edge 2 when the time is approaching for the bonus).
Until then, keep coming back here and the sequel for cutting edge information and tips to improve your business.

To your success online and offline,
Joseph Ratliff
Marketing Consultant, Copywriter, and Author of The Profitable Business Edge