What Is The Profitable Business Edge? Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the story behind The Profitable Business Edge.

So, what are we going to cover in part 2?

* Why the name “The Profitable Business Edge”?
* Where is The Profitable Business Edge now?
* An upcoming special surprise. πŸ™‚
* And why the heck does Joseph’s signature always say “Author of The Profitable Business Edge”? That could only mean he is…
We will start with why the name…
Well, it represents my coaching style. Edgy, in your face, challenging you to become the best business person you can be towards increased success.
And, I wanted to describe the main benefit in the title for business owners online and offline.
Profitable Businesses.
Put the two together, and you have The Profitable Business Edge.
So, where is The Profitable Business Edge now?
Well, this is the 81st post since February 2006. It has been received very well by the readers, with comments, emails saying thank you, and so forth. But, I know that even good things can always be improved…so…two things come into play here:

  1. There is a sequel, The Profitable Business Edge 2, located at http://josephratliff.com which will be even edgier than the first, with high – level content to deliver profitable business information for all.
  2. And I think I would still keep an eye on the original for the 100th post. πŸ˜‰ There may be a surprise in the works…

So, the last thing is the signature.
Anyone who reads any of my signatures reads “author of The Profitable Business Edge” contained within the signature file.
Why? Well, I will tell you it has nothing to do with being the author of this blog.
I will reveal all of this in part 3:

  • So, what is the real deal with the signature?
  • Where is The Profitable Business Edge 2 going to take us?
  • What about the 100th post to the original should I be watching for?
  • Any changes that need to be addressed in the sequel.

Stay tuned…
To your success online and offline,
Joseph Ratliff
Marketing Consultant, Copywriter, and Author of The Profitable Business Edge