What is The Profitable Business Edge? Part 1

I am creating this three part series to inform you what The Profitable Business Edge really is…and how you can benefit from it.

The reason for doing this is to:

  • Clarify a few things.
  • Provide a marketing and branding lesson for you.
  • And to let you know where The Profitable Business Edge came from, where it is now, and where it is going for the future of internet marketing.
  • And, to get to know me better as a marketer.

So, for the remainder of this post…and the next two posts…sit back and enjoy, you just might learn a few things about many things (but you will have to read into it a little).
The Birth of The Profitable Business Edge
The Profitable Business Edge was born out of an idea that I could use a blog to deliver high impact, totally out of the box information to help small businesses succeed both on and off the Internet (and my readership is split almost right down the middle to prove it).
But let’s expand on this a little. You will notice I wrote “out of the box” in my earlier statement. That is what makes The Profitable Business Edge unique in a way. The information presented here is delivered in such a way as to make even the most basic marketing techniques seem really deep conceptually (all marketing boils down to basic techniques, there isn’t “advanced marketing” strategies anywhere, it is more of a mentality).
So why the “really deep” approach to basic marketing strategy?
To change your thinking process about marketing. I write these posts to challenge you, and your current thinking, so that you will view marketing in a different light. I have received numerous emails from business owners online and offline, that own businesses ranging in annual sales volume from less than 100k a year all the way up to 60 million a year. Comments almost always center around the fact that by reading The Profitable Business Edge, their thinking has changed.
So, I am accomplishing exactly what I wanted to when I started this blog. And, I thank and appreciate every one of my readers who have commented on, and submitted emails to me with feedback.
This blog would not be nearing it’s 100th post without you, thank you.
So, what are we going to lead into in part 2?

  • Why the name “The Profitable Business Edge”?
  • Where is The Profitable Business Edge now?
  • An upcoming special surprise. 🙂
  • And why the heck does Joseph’s signature always say “Author of The Profitable Business Edge”? That could only mean he is…

Stay tuned.
To your success online and offline,
Joseph Ratliff
Marketing Consultant
And Author of The Profitable Business Edge
P.S. Please tell me your thoughts by commenting below…what you would like to see in upcoming posts beyond this three part series, any feedback, etc..