Do You Totally Undervalue Your Product Or Service?

I was reviewing the book “No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs” by Dan S. Kennedy and it inspired this post…

I am willing to bet that many small businesses are totally underpricing their service or product.

I am also willing to bet that the main reason for this is a mentality that the majority of our society is conditioned to believe that any wealth they gain is causing a loss of wealth for someone else. This is so far from the truth.

This mentality causes several problems:

  • We tend to “prequalify” people into whether or not they can afford our valuable product or service. Is it our responsibility to arrange someone’s finances for them? I think not.
  • We are afraid to “price ourselves” out of the market. Do you not believe in your ability to deliver what you promised? Are you developing a preconceived mindset that what you deliver is not valuable to the end user? Believe in yourself, you deserve the wealth.
  • We create “inhibitions” that limit our ability to charge what we are worth.

There is so many more, but this should get you thinking.

During the course of my business as a marketing coach and copywriter, beginning copywriters ask the infamous question:

How much do I charge?

And I answer:

“Based on your knowledge and experience with writing copy, and your own ability to sell your service…how much are you worth?”

In other words…

How much value do you place on what you can deliver to your client?

If you don’t feel that you are worth $2900 to write copy for a direct response web page selling a single product, and another $997.00 to write seven autoresponder follow ups for additional sales… then you can’t charge that much.

You will charge much lower…

But that is your limitation, not mine.

And I have limited myself in comparison to other copywriters for the same project.

But after reading Dan’s book above…I am conditioning myself for a different point of view. So, if you have a potential project in mind, and wish to inquire about having me write…

Then you had better hurry, before I finish reading this book. I just might raise my prices. 🙂

Joseph Ratliff

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