“The Number One Secret To Explosive Business Growth”

I bet your just aching to know what the one, big bang, knock it out of the park secret is to uncorking profits in your business is.

Everything else comes in second to this…

Nope, it isn’t marketing your business, although that is the close second.

It’s not an enormous cash windfall either…I have seen enough business owners fiddle one of those away faster than you can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Wanna know what it is?

Get out of your own way.

Yep, that’s it. Before you fire up that email program to say “Joe, that is so stupid”…allow me to explain. The explanation might hurt the ego a little. Don’t worry, I have been here too though.

It starts with a question…

“Mr. Business Owner, how many times have you felt that you ‘just had’ to involve yourself in a meeting, discipline an employee, or dabble in some operational part of your business etc…?”

I understand why you feel this way. You don’t want whatever your over-analyzing to go wrong (notice I said over-analyzing). You are striving for perfection.

While it is ok to have high standards for your business and the product or service your business offers to the community…you are probably doing more harm than good to the end result. What if you actually trusted the person to perform the task, conduct the meeting, etc…?

What would happen if you got out of the way and “let things happen” in your business?

I am not suggesting you play golf all day, every day here. What I am suggesting is you start to do two things in your business starting today:

1) Create systems that people (even freelancers) can work in your business. For example, an auto shop owner might have a step by step customer interaction process that she trains her staff on…so that each customer is handled pretty close to the same way. Then, the owner does not have to monitor that part of her business unless that person does something wrong (which actually happens a lot less than you think).

2) They are humans, trust them. The point here is to have confidence in your hiring abilities (or the person you trained/outsourced to hire for you, which should be the case). Then, trust the people you hire to do the job you have shown them to do. Don’t hover, or micromanage a project to death. You lose your valuable time that you can better invest in $300 an hour tasks.

Besides, why did you hire someone if you are going to monitor them 24-7 anyhow?

Quit it. Relax.

Now the advanced lesson for business owners that actually hire a General Manager/CEO/President to “run things for them.” Get out of the way…you have built your business to the point where it’s time to “let go” and watch it grow. Or, keep pulling your hair out trying to run things around the “shop.”

Get out of your own way. You know who you are.