The H1N1 (Flu) Shot Is Back

begin sarcasm/

Oh thank God…the flu shot is back on the airwaves.

Walgreen’s is running a pressure-packed TV spot about getting your flu shot this year, of course advertising that they offer it, and you should get it (to keep everyone safe).

Man, I don’t know what I would do if there wasn’t a major corporation spending major ad dollars (in a recession) to tell me/pressure me into getting the flu shot.

I mean, since it’s so important, I’m glad Walgreen’s is airing that commercial to make sure everyone across the U.S. is pressured/informed about the fact that it’s time to get jabbed.

/end sarcasm

If this shot was so effective (it isn’t IMO), and the world was going to end if we don’t get it (as the companies pushing it make it seem), why does it have to be advertised and “pushed” so heavily to get people to take it?

If it’s so good for you, why don’t the drug companies put it on the market, and take full liability for any lawsuits that may arise.  Why do they have to pressure people into getting a shot?  In the past, good things are widely accepted, and consumed by the general public…and this flu shot isn’t.  Why not?

Think about this today, and obviously I’m not a doctor, I’m just thinking out loud in this post… so don’t take any of this as medical advice, draw your own conclusions and do your own research…to make your own decisions about your medical situation.