The First Exercise in Marketing your business!

So you are starting a business, CONGRATULATIONS!Even though they said “build it, and they will come” in that movie, that is far from the truth. Your first task in starting any business is to let people know you exist. All too often, when performing an on site evaluation for my clients I find that the surrounding business owners and staff (sometimes right next door) do not even know that my client’s business is in business.

Your first project is to get out there and meet your neighbors in business, introduce yourself and your business, and find out about their business. Bring some donuts or pizza, oh, and don’t forget your business cards! You could put together an inexpensive packet describing your business for new customers as well. Remember, you are not trying to make sales in this contact, but you may get one along the way!

Stay tuned to this Blog (add it to your favorites) for more tips in the time to come. Have a great day and I wish you good selling!

Joseph Ratliff

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