The Details…Ahhh The Details…And How They Could Be Killing Your Chance Of Success…

“Tools…what tools do I use?”

“Does X work better than Y?”

“Should I enter the ____________ market? Will it be profitable?”

“What if the almighty Google ‘slaps’ me for doing _______ ?”

And on…and on…and on…you could either be thinking about these things yourself, or have responded to a question such as these in the forum.

I want to make something clear upfront, there’s nothing wrong with asking questions like these at all.

But let’s ponder something else today…because I want you to examine the real reason you’re asking the question in the first place. It’s important that you do this, because you might be shooting any chance of success “in the foot” before you even start, if you don’t.

Are you asking about the difference between “X” software and “Y” software because you truly want to know…or because the process of getting that answer and participating in any discussion that follows will provide you with an “excuse” not to continue growing (or start growing) your business?

For example…

I might tell you I LOVE “X” software, and that it works great…someone else might hate it…so by asking that question, have you really gained ground by knowing our respective opinions?

Think about that for a second…

Let’s say you discover that 43 people loved it, and 122 hate it…does that really mean it’s bad?

The answer is, not necessarily…in fact, I’ve purchased several software items and books where the majority hated the product…only to discover they suited my purposes very well.

The same can work the other way too…

What if 122 loved the software, and only 18 hated it? Does that mean it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread? Ummm…nope.

Truth is, you really do have to find out yourself to get the true answer. What one person says they like about something is from their viewpoint, and when you use the same thing…you may not even discover the same thing for yourself at all.

So many questions to answer in getting started, so little time…right? I mean, you do want to make a TON of money as soon as possible, right?

So just get started. With all the time you invest “investigating”, you could be failing at something, probably invest about the same amount of time and money failing (maybe a little more), but learn a much more valuable lesson that will mean greater profits in the end.

So the lesson here is…

Just ask yourself this before you try to figure this entire business out beforehand…

“Is the time I’m going to invest investigating really being used to investigate? Or am I just afraid I might make some mistakes?”
(you gotta search deep and be really honest with yourself here)

So, what unnecessary details can you move past faster…and get to profits faster today?

As always, thanks for reading.  Feel free to comment below…