The Death Of “The Death Of” Types Of Content (Please?)

The Web Is Dead – Wired Magazine

The Death Of Internet Marketing – Mike Filsaime

The Death Of The Sales Letter – Michel Fortin

The Death Of Adsense – Scott Boulch

The Death Of The Long Sales Letter – Various authors

The Death Of … – Whomever Else

Like a crack addict, they keep going to the pipe for the cheap “hit” folks.


They’re headlines people, nothing more…nothing is dying, everything mentioned above is still thriving (I guess we don’t know the fate of the ellipse huh?).

I suppose some of the points made in these pieces may be proven somewhat correct, but NOT according to the title of the piece.

The Death Of _________ = implies we are DONE with __________ (i.e. it’s dead)

And it never is “dead” within the context of these pieces, because of the author’s intent when using the particular “Death Of…” headline.

They intend on going for shock factor, readership, a polarizing effect, or similar…nothing more.


Will these “Death Of ________” types of content die?  I certainly hope so, but I don’t see it happening any time soon in this hyper-connected world we live in.  With so much competition for eyeballs online and offline…I guess we still have to resort to “shock and awe” to get our messages out huh?

Joe out.