The Conversation You THINK You’re Having Isn’t The One You’re Having…

It’s funny, you ever catch yourself having a conversation about something you know REALLY well (like the topic you created a business around)…and when you’re talking, you mentally “run over” who you’re talking to?

You get the “deer in the headlights” look, but they keep politely agreeing with you, nodding their head, etc… but you know this conversation is getting so deep.

Well, when just talking about what I do with people, this happens all the time.

And if it’s not a situation where I’m actively prospecting, local business owners (even in the 10 – 30 million a year range of income) seem to follow suit.


It’s a bad thing though…that in economy where businesses need to cut costs at some points, they don’t analyze cost per customer acquisition.

In other words, how much does it cost to do business with a new person?

One of the ways to almost instantly reduce this, is to use the Internet (along with a list of 100 other things that can “release” added profits to the bottom line.

But back to the conversation.

If you’re skilled in a particular area, just remember, most people don’t know it near as well as you do, so when you start getting all passionate about what you do ¬†(like I do when I start to talk about profits for business)…

Slow down a little…take a deep breath…and talk about the real “basics”.

Most business owners give me “the look” when I mention autoresponder, squeeze page, thank you page, etc…

More on this subject later on.