5 Time Management Tips For Home Business Owners

You want to market your business, but do you have the time? Here are five nuggets of time management wisdom I personally use in my direct response copywriting business.  And here’s the kicker, I really only “work” no more than about four hours a day because of these strategies. 1) The foundation is your desk. […]

The One Question You Can Ask That Can Change Your Life…

We’re conditioned from an early age to “just conform”, “just trust the government”, “just get a secure job”, and “just deal with it.” I used to follow that path.  In fact, up until 2001, I was drinking ALL the “kool-aid” of the typical conditioned lifestyle. Then I asked the most powerful question I think more […]

The Sound Of Distraction

Ding! It’s the sound of distraction.  The sound that means… Another email has arrived in your inbox.  Turn it off, and shut the window. Check you emails only on a schedule of two times a day to begin.  Your productivity will thank you for it. Ding! You haven’t turned that sound off yet?