The Book Factory

I remember a time when I could go down to the local library, visit the business or marketing sections…and almost any book I pulled off the shelf would be an engaging read.

Recently, as in the last 3 years or so…it seems that published authors are “pushing” books out.

Enter, the book factory.

I’ve read Think and Grow Rich over 30 times, literally, from cover to cover. I’ve read the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book many times.  Obviously, I’ve read other books…but these I would term classics.

But recently, it’s rare that a book written in the “business” genre is actually written to engage the reader.  Instead, you have to wade through “information vomit” to get to any scraps of engaging content.

Naturally, as with anything, there are rare exceptions (one author of a few that comes to mind is David Meerman Scott).

Why is that I wonder?

Are authors writing books with a purpose to engage their audience?  Or just to “get a book out”?  To say they are an author maybe?


Before you submit your book to the book factory, perhaps get an unbiased* consensus about how engaging and entertaining the content is? Then, maybe, more people will read past page 18 before calling it quits. 😉

*by unbiased, I mean not a member of your “inner circle” of marketing friends who will go to Amazon when your book hits the streets and publish “fluff” reviews.

By the way, I’m currently writing a book, a manifesto based on my personal observations about business and the people who run those businesses.  By the time it hits print, it should prove to be an engaging, entertaining, and useful read.