The Bondage of Yinyang — And the Emptiness of Tao

A response to this comment on Three Pound Brain, because it just got too long.

So what are we to do, then, Mr. Hickman? Nothing? Just sit idly by and wait for our death? Not likely to happen.

I would challenge…

That in all of your “remembering” of Epimetheus, you have forgotten Prometheus. (Not literally, metaphorically).

How are you (or anyone) so certain “this quest was always an error to begin with”? That we should, as a species “forget philosophy?”

If someone can’t see any metaphorical “light” at all through a pair of “darker than obsidian” glasses … how would you know they are dark at all?

And then…

Even if what you are proposing is the absolute truth, that our existence was created from “errors” and a “tissue of lies,” and as I would speculate from your addition here, that our thinking should return to the absolute zero from which our philosophy came…

Our existence is what it is. All of it. We are what we are … seekers of “romance” as you put it.

That will likely never change, and I don’t think it will change even in light of the most incontrovertible scientific evidence.

We will continue to endlessly explore, endlessly be curious, endlessly help each other, and endlessly create theories, things, and ideas about why we’re here. (Good or bad, false or true, as they are).

But we will also endlessly destroy, endlessly do irrational stuff, and endlessly exist in denial of the horrors of the cosmic void and our death. (Ernest Becker, Lovecraft, and Benjamin Caine come to top of mind here).

But one thing Homo sapiens sapiens will not do, is reduce ourselves to anyone’s metaphorical “absolute zero.” We aren’t biologically wired for it.

Maybe, just maybe, that is why we “forget” (or deny) Epimetheus.

If all of this is in fact a fiction, a great lie, or a repression of truth … then no, everything will not just “fall into place.”

Our species will instead take our “darker than obsidian glasses” off, irrationally as it may be, and create even more “non-fiction,” more “great lies,” and repress even more truths to counter absolute reality and keep on living until our final days.

Our life spans are so short, and I speculate that limitation is the reason why we “forget Epimetheus.”

Our existence is what it is, and in (say) ~ 10 million years … won’t even register on the cosmic time scale at all.

Any “post-human” species (deep or wide) that originate from here (this planet)?

I won’t even speculate what they might be capable of, or what other species of sentient life that may exist across the Universe might have already done. 🙂

(But I highly doubt our species or any post-version will even get off this planet and stay off because of resource limitations).

In the end of the Universe (a “heat death,” entropy, etc…), all of this speculation, science, and philosophy will mean absolutely nothing.

That is the metaphorical “absolute zero” that conquers all.

And that requires no glasses at all, dark or rose colored.

All else is bondage. 😉
(Yes, Wu Wei Wu)