Plan B And Why It’s Killing Your Business

“Well, it’s time to go to plan B…” “What’s our back up plan here?” “Just in case I fail, I’ll just do this…” Business killers…all of them. Plan B is a BIG time business killer folks.  The best companies, results, marketing, products, etc…etc… were almost always formed or delivered WITHOUT a “safety net.” Why? For […]

Why You Are Not Where You Want To Be…

There’s only one real reason, but I’m going to provide a few examples. 🙂 I will let you know that I don’t write this from a position “above” you at all… I have made thousands upon thousands of mistakes in my time marketing and developing my own business…it’s from that position I write this to […]

Are You Preparing For Success, Or Just Preparing?

“Joe, I’ve gotta do this, this, and this first before I can do what you recommended to make obscene profits.” Love the excuses…but this one is a business killer. Please allow me to explain… Sometimes, it seems as though people want to stay stuck in “preparing” mode because it’s more comfortable and less uncertain. Instead, […]