Success REALLY Is Your Choice

Success in anything, including marketing online, is 100% your choice. You can choose to believe all the stuff “they” show you or talk to you about (the media, the politicians, some of your “friends”, and on, and on…). Or… You can choose to believe there is opportunity out there, there is plenty of income possibility…

The Sound Of Distraction

Ding! It’s the sound of distraction.  The sound that means… Another email has arrived in your inbox.  Turn it off, and shut the window. Check you emails only on a schedule of two times a day to begin.  Your productivity will thank you for it. Ding! You haven’t turned that sound off yet?

Have You Ever Had That “Pulling” Feeling?

You know… That feeling you get when you get ready to take on something big, try something new and exciting, start another business etc… You get this tight feeling in your arms and chest, your breathing seems to be more rapid, and various thoughts of “Can I really do this?” start swimming in your mind….