Success REALLY Is Your Choice

Success in anything, including marketing online, is 100% your choice. You can choose to believe all the stuff “they” show you or talk to you about (the media, the politicians, some of your “friends”, and on, and on…). Or… You can choose to believe there is opportunity out there, there is plenty of income possibility […]

The Death Of “It’s Just Business”

There is a dangerous moniker floating around… “It’s just business”. You’ve used it, I’ve used it, but as of today, I’m going to quit using it. Why? Because I want my business to actually mean something to people.  I don’t want to be thought of or remembered as “a good __________ .” Instead, I want […]

Why You Are Not Where You Want To Be…

There’s only one real reason, but I’m going to provide a few examples. 🙂 I will let you know that I don’t write this from a position “above” you at all… I have made thousands upon thousands of mistakes in my time marketing and developing my own business…it’s from that position I write this to […]