I’m Skeptical, Is This A Scam?

Most people buy a course, invest in a book, watch an infomercial and buy the course it offers…get it home…and ask a question: “Is this going to work for me?” Or… “Is this thing a scam?” Even worse, they will investigate something (way too much), and ask one of the questions above BEFORE investing in […]

Well Yes And No

Yes… Yes online marketing is a valid business model… Yes it does require that you work hard… Yes it requires marketing skill… Yes it requires the ability to sell and persuade (not illegally, unethically, or immorally however)… Yes it does take some time to build an affiliate marketing business… Yes you will have competition in […]

The Rushed Society Manifesto

Over on my personal blog, I’ve been writing about how society has been moving too fast…becoming too connected…and how I think we are actually becoming partial slaves to our blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc… instead of controlling our time and enjoying our lives (unless that stuff is truly what you like devoting 13 hours a day […]