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Are You Lying To Your Potential Customers?

If you’re doing this, stop it now…

It’s no secret that I subscribe to many internet marketing “make money online” newsletters to observe marketing processes (and selling processes).

But something really got under my skin this morning when receiving yet another email with another “product launch” (when do marketers quit chasing money and stop launching product after product?)…

I read a sales letter.

Got exposed to yet another re-hashed PLR “business in a box” opportunity (yawn).

But that’s not the worst part.

I was done reading the sales letter for another $47 “wonderful dreams promised” opportunity when the WORST FREAKIN’ thing you can do to your prospects happened…

This marketer (who shall remain nameless) lied to me as a prospect!

This $47 price tag had a “hidden discount” offered on an exit-offer when I tried to leave the page!

No change in the offer mind you, just a lower price to $37.  So, what this marketer was telling me that if I would have bought at $47…I would have paid $10 more for EXACTLY THE SAME FRIGGIN’ STUFF!

Are you kidding me?  Really, why not just offer your offer for $37 in the first place?  I had to try and leave just to get a discount?  Maybe I should reveal this marketer’s name…because they’ve done this before several times (along with a host of other so-called marketers).

Obviously, this is geared to unsuspecting people who have never seen this type of offer before…but come on, any person HAS to be irritated if they leave the page and get presented with a discount right?  I guess not.

So here’s a lesson for this marketer (or any marketer that’s doing this)…

If you want to use an “exit” offer, change the offer a little at least (make it an obvious change though).  Really simple right?  If you offer a lower price, also offer less stuff.  Or you can offer different stuff…or you can offer a free sample that markets the original offer again…or…or…or…

If you’re running these types of exit offers the “wrong” way, quit being a complete dork and insulting your potential customer’s intelligence.  People aren’t idiots you know.