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“Joe, how do I make money with Twitter?”

“Why can’t I make money with my Facebook account?”

“I’ve tried that social media stuff, and I can’t track any sales to it.”

And on, and on…

Folks, this ISN’T your first problem.  It’s also the wrong focus…

It’s the conversation about you, that you have to participate in, that’s the first thing you should worry about.

It’s also that very conversation which is the key to making money with social media.  Participate in it.

If that conversation hasn’t started yet (you do Google searches for your name, company, and products right?), and you’re foolish enough to believe that you will be able to build a business (for real) and choose not to participate in it…well…it will go on without you.

If it goes on without you, building your business will be like rolling the dice in Vegas.

So, start the conversation yourself if it doesn’t exist already!

Start to frame how people will view you and your business, start to develop key business relationships that would have never existed if you “chose not to participate” etc…

If you’re not searching Google for your name and your business name, you’d better start.  (you can set up Google Alerts to bring it right to your email)

It’s that very conversation that generates the money…not directly, but indirectly…and only if you’re there to collect it. 🙂

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

How many conversations are going on about you?

How many conversations are going on about you?

Alternate title for this post (not used because it was too long)…

If Anyone Ever Tells You You’ll Fail, Or That You Can’t Accomplish Something, Forget ‘Em…

Now on with the story…

The date was August 1st, 1981.

The day the music industry changed forever.

Buggles played a video called “Video Killed The Radio Star”…and from that day, the marketing of rock bands was forever changed…and radio bands who had enjoyed success using that media alone were dropping like flies.

Now, we’re going to apply this to internet business and success in just about anything…

Nobody wants you to succeed online.  In fact, many will line up against you.

Some examples…

Friends who are jealous of your potential success will keep trying to drag you down “to their level” again in various ways (but are they really friends? Hmmmm…..) .

Relatives the same…they will tell you “that’s too risky” or “you’re insane if you think that will work”.

Social communities that notice your star on the rise and make negative comments to tell you your idea sucks…could never work…etc…and try to bring you down to earth.

It’s all bull shit.

Everyone will try to “bring you down”…and no one will tell you it’s ok to be successful.  You have to reach out and fucking take it.  Now.

There is no way in hell that anyone who tells you “You can’t do ______________ , it’ll never work” or a variation of that has any idea about the behind the scenes or research you’ve done…so don’t let them put you down…ever.

Plus, most people (over 80%) don’t understand true success…therefore they tend to want to “bring you back to earth”…or to where they are comfortable again…so you’ll be part of their crowd again, with misguided and “comfortable” views about how it’s all supposed to work in the land of “reality”.  (who the hell defined what reality is supposed to feel, look, and taste like anyhow?)

Again, all bull shit if you truly want to break free and have success in business or other areas of life.

One of the manifestations of “the land of reality” is the 40 hour workweek.  Who wrote into law that a magical number like 40 hours (or more sadly) per week was a required amount of time to accomplish any job task.  The average person only really does productive work about 2 hours (or less) a day…so what makes 40 hours a week “full-time”?  Hmmm….

SIDENOTE: If you actually think you really do productive, meaningful work for a full 40 hours a week…or more…I would ask you to do a work journal, and prove it to yourself.  There are very few people that can maintain a productive work schedule for that long.

The “nay sayers” will kill your ideas…because in their mind, there’s no way that someone can reach out and grab success…leaving their (the nay sayer’s) world of comfort…and leave them in the dust.

In short…they are jealous of what you are achieving or are about to achieve.

Imagine a swimming pool.

In the swimming pool, are the people who make up the majority, the normal…the nay sayers.  In order for you to have success, you have to break free, and jump out of the pool so you can more freely walk around.

But they will try to stop you…they will grab you, try to drag you back into the water with them…where it’s nice and warm.  Even when you think you’re finally breaking free for the first time…they will gang up and try one last time to bring you back into the nice, warm water with them.

You can only start on the the journey of success when you get out of, and away from, the swimming pool.  Then, you get true freedom.  And there will be a few people that want to make the journey with you (for real)…and people that have already made it out of the pool…hang out with them.

HARD HIT OF REALITY: This might mean you have to change who your friends are…it might mean you don’t contact certain members of your family for awhile until you have enough success that they can’t bring you down into the swimming pool any more.

ANOTHER HARD HIT OF REALITY: If you think you will be able to start on the path of success in the beginning and you can “deal” with these individuals (friends or family) along the way, you will probably be sorely disappointed.  It’s a rare feat that you can begin to experience true success (it’s not a destination, but a journey) when the people you hang out with…are from the swimming pool of reality themselves.

Successful people have supportive spouses, friends, and family that are supportive (and for the most part successful) themselves.  Sorry to break it to you this way…but it rarely works out differently.

Now I am not asking you to kill off relationships you have with other people or family…unless doing so is necessary in your mind. 😉  What my main point is, is you should reduce contact with those people that just won’t allow you or support you on the journey of success.

The media, news, newspapers, etc…are another main “distractor factor” from success.  Go on a “news diet” for 2 weeks, and I guarantee you’ll have a different view of the media and its importance in your life.

Society can kill the Internet Star.

Will society kill your Internet stardom?  Or will you break your cycle…and reach down deep…then break your “normal” life to achieve real success?

I hope to see your success story. 🙂

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - Need someone to help you out of the swimming pool?

Joseph Ratliff - Need someone to help you out of the swimming pool?

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The “game” of marketing, business, whatever you want to call it.

By some standards, I haven’t played “long enough” yet to create a Fortune 500 company or anything (actually, I don’t want to create a Fortune 5oo yet).

But I guarantee you…I have played hard enough.

But this isn’t about me…it’s about you…my valued reader…

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