The Great Filtering Of Online Marketing…

It has begun…

…and if any of the things I mention in this post apply to you, take heed of the warning, or be prepared to close the doors.

This is probably going to rank in the most important posts I write all year…

Let’s get started, shall we?

Over the next decade, we are going to witness a “great filtering” of sorts in the online marketing arena (and business in general for that matter).

What do I mean?

The shady business people, the snake oil salespeople, the ones that just don’t care about their customers (or even worse, ignore them completely)…and any so-called business person that can be lumped into these categories…will start to suffer a slow and painful business death.

And I mean, all of them…not a percentage…not some, all of them (finally).

How can I make such a widespread claim?

One word…access.

The Internet has changed the game (not will change, has changed).  It has allowed a level of access on many different platforms…that businesses can’t “hide” any more…

  • They can’t scam their customers and get away with it…
  • They can’t hide behind a monitor and be “anonymous” anymore…
  • They can’t make bold-faced lies to the people that do business with them (or are thinking of doing business with them) anymore…

Because it can all be revealed by using the Internet.

Yeah, there will still be scams, unscrupulous business people, and such…but when they set up shop…their lifetime is extremely limited, and will be even more so as the “great filtering” takes place over the next 10 years or so.

So what exactly is the great filtering?

It’s the process where those businesses that fall in the above-mentioned categories will begin to be “filtered out” by the public.

It’s already begun to happen, for example…

What happens to a book on Amazon when a bunch of people leave negative feedback (legitimate negative feedback)? It gets filtered out…falling off the charts.  Those that leave negative feedback that is just not legitimate get filtered out as well.

Spammers aren’t even being paid attention to anymore (other than the customary “how do we get rid of them?” feedback.

If someone uses an anonymous “user name” on a forum, blog, or other social communication media, they usually get “filtered out”.  In the rare case where they are listened to…they always have that barrier they must overcome before what they say matters (eventually, they won’t be listened to at all).

People want to interact with real people, not those who hide behind anonymous or “hidden” information etc…  While it’s certainly possible (for now) to continue to do this… eventually you’ll automatically become “noise” if you’re currently doing this.

There are a TON of other examples I can point to, and I will do so over the course of the next two years or so…(perhaps pointing out some specific examples as they appear to me).   For now, just think of ways for you to avoid “The Great Filtering Of Online Marketing.

If you already are, congratulations, it will get easier to do business as time goes on from this standpoint.

Why You’re Going To Have To “Let Go” Of Your Online Business To Grow It Going Forward…

I review a LOT of websites, offers, ezines, products, businesses and on and on when it comes to Internet Marketing (most NOT in the Make Money Online niche).

I haven’t seen enough marketers start to “let go” of their businesses yet.  And this mindset will slowly begin to erode the “shell” you’ve hidden behind in your business…then kill that business in the next 3 to 10 years, guaranteed.

What do I mean?

Well, it’s a deep concept usually reserved for my coaching clients…but I will attempt to give the “bird’s eye view” here in this post.  And before you dismiss this as simple, or not applicable to you, you need to think of 2 questions first:

1)  Am I really conducting business this way?

2)  Am I sure this doesn’t apply to me?


“Letting go” of your online business means, in simple terms, that you don’t have anything involved in your business processes or marketing that give the impression you want to take control away from the visitors, prospects, or customers/clients that help you grow that business (notice I didn’t say “your customers” because they aren’t yours or mine…they’re people).

And that means you have nothing that gives that impression.

Here’s a list of concepts that help you “let go”:

  • Transparency.

This means your business and your activities aren’t hidden behind your monitor.  That’s right, people are going to eventually quit doing business with people they can’t see everything about.  For those of you who think hiding behind an anonymous name on chat boards and forums is “cool” and thinking that you can do business that way, well, you’re done.

  • Risk Reversal (real risk reversal, not the wimpy kind).

True risk reversal involves a “more than solid” guarantee of your product or service.  Instead of wimpy “30-day” guarantees…try a 12 month double your money back if this doesn’t work guarantee. Your sales will go up, your refund rates might too, but not as much as your sales.  In some cases, your refund rate doesn’t go up, it goes down. 🙂  Let that sink into your head for a minute.

  • Putting yourself out there (in promotions, not related to transparency).

Are you afraid of putting yourself out there?  Afraid of adding some controversy to this mix?  So long as your doing things legally, ethically, and morally…you should be fine.  So get your promos where people will see them!

  • Policies and service that are totally in favor of the people who give you money. (who gives a &*&*& if they buy a digital product from you, get a refund, then keep the product.  Products and ideas are a dime a friggin’ dozen…so make a new one).

If people work up the trust to buy from you, or become a lifelong customer, what are you going to do to keep earning that trust?  Yeah, yeah, there are some crappy customers out there who might scam you…but it’s the smaller percentage (less than 2%)…so really, what are you going to focus on?  The 2% who aren’t honest and won’t make you money?  Or the 98% who are honest and will make you a TON of moolah (if you work hard to keep that trust)?

  • Delivering on your promises when people give you their hard-earned money.

There are a few “big” “goo-roo” companies in the “make money online” niche that have made hefty promises with newsletter offers and such, then failed to deliver (I’ve tested them all, and only ONE actually met all of the promises they made).

If you have a product to deliver, deliver it BEFORE you bill the next month’s payment (and yes, you can…there’s NO excuses here).  If you make a promise to a customer, honor it…period.


If a client/customer wants a refund or needs something to take care of them, do it…without question.  If you feel you’re being taken advantage of, refund their money and move on to people who will do business fairly with you.  Just remember that’s a 2-way street…not just a one-way street.

Your refund policies mean nothing to the customer, and while that may sound like a BIG, fat wrong thing to you…you’d better get used to it and just take care of them, even when it seems like they’re being idiots.

  • Participating in Social Media.

This is a big one, letting go of your business also means participating in it…as social media will take a larger and larger role in the growth of businesses both online and offline in the near future.

Quit hiding behind your monitor, and talk to people.  This is an interactive medium, not a one-way communication tool.

There’s obviously way more I could add to this DEEP subject, but this should give you a start towards thinking about “letting go” of your online business.

And obviously, I’m not perfect in a couple of these areas myself, but I have plans to improve my shortcomings NOW…because I realize the survival of my businesses will depend on it.

The survival of your online business will depend on it as well…so get to it!  Start to “let go” right now. And don’t give me some “wimpy-wad” excuse why you can’t…you can.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff

P.S. I’m at work on the first of my “manifestos”, titled “Rules, What Rules?”…which is a guide to empowering you to live life and build your business the way you want to, because there aren’t “rules” that govern how you should do that.

It should be completed within the next 60 days or sooner.

The First Step

The first step to success in any sales process…is to get your prospect to take the next step…

The second step to success in any sales process…is to get your prospect/customer to take the next step…

The third step to success in any sales process…is to get your customer to take the next step…

Are you getting the picture here?

Instead of trying to sell the house to each and every prospect or customer…instead focus on getting them to take the next step in your sales process.


One thing to check is the value you offer at each step.

For example…

Your opt-in page, ever wonder why you don’t have a 100% opt-in rate if you offer a free download or whatever?

There’s a number of reasons…but have you checked the value you offer at this step?  Are you offering re-hashed garbage PLR as a download (in the “make money online” niche especially)?

Are you more concerned with selling this prospect on the next web page than offering them OUTSTANDING value upfront first and earning their trust?

Think about this.

It’s 2010 folks…and the Internet is changing.

The whole marketing and business atmosphere is changing.  If you don’t accept that change and alter your online business to conform to it…you’re gonna lose BIG time…period.

So go check your sales process, and inspect the value you’re offering at each step of that process.  Double the value you offer at each step…right now.

Don’t be a wimp…double the value at each step in your sales process.  You can figure it out.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - How much value do you add to your sales process?

Joseph Ratliff - How much value do you add to your sales process?

P.S.  Did you find the secret download link in this post?  Keep searching 🙂

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Making Money With Social Media Isn’t The First Of Your Problems…

“Joe, how do I make money with Twitter?”

“Why can’t I make money with my Facebook account?”

“I’ve tried that social media stuff, and I can’t track any sales to it.”

And on, and on…

Folks, this ISN’T your first problem.  It’s also the wrong focus…

It’s the conversation about you, that you have to participate in, that’s the first thing you should worry about.

It’s also that very conversation which is the key to making money with social media.  Participate in it.

If that conversation hasn’t started yet (you do Google searches for your name, company, and products right?), and you’re foolish enough to believe that you will be able to build a business (for real) and choose not to participate in it…well…it will go on without you.

If it goes on without you, building your business will be like rolling the dice in Vegas.

So, start the conversation yourself if it doesn’t exist already!

Start to frame how people will view you and your business, start to develop key business relationships that would have never existed if you “chose not to participate” etc…

If you’re not searching Google for your name and your business name, you’d better start.  (you can set up Google Alerts to bring it right to your email)

It’s that very conversation that generates the money…not directly, but indirectly…and only if you’re there to collect it. 🙂

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

How many conversations are going on about you?

How many conversations are going on about you?

Society Kills The Internet Star

Alternate title for this post (not used because it was too long)…

If Anyone Ever Tells You You’ll Fail, Or That You Can’t Accomplish Something, Forget ‘Em…

Now on with the story…

The date was August 1st, 1981.

The day the music industry changed forever.

Buggles played a video called “Video Killed The Radio Star”…and from that day, the marketing of rock bands was forever changed…and radio bands who had enjoyed success using that media alone were dropping like flies.

Now, we’re going to apply this to internet business and success in just about anything…

Nobody wants you to succeed online.  In fact, many will line up against you.

Some examples…

Friends who are jealous of your potential success will keep trying to drag you down “to their level” again in various ways (but are they really friends? Hmmmm…..) .

Relatives the same…they will tell you “that’s too risky” or “you’re insane if you think that will work”.

Social communities that notice your star on the rise and make negative comments to tell you your idea sucks…could never work…etc…and try to bring you down to earth.

It’s all bull shit.

Everyone will try to “bring you down”…and no one will tell you it’s ok to be successful.  You have to reach out and fucking take it.  Now.

There is no way in hell that anyone who tells you “You can’t do ______________ , it’ll never work” or a variation of that has any idea about the behind the scenes or research you’ve done…so don’t let them put you down…ever.

Plus, most people (over 80%) don’t understand true success…therefore they tend to want to “bring you back to earth”…or to where they are comfortable again…so you’ll be part of their crowd again, with misguided and “comfortable” views about how it’s all supposed to work in the land of “reality”.  (who the hell defined what reality is supposed to feel, look, and taste like anyhow?)

Again, all bull shit if you truly want to break free and have success in business or other areas of life.

One of the manifestations of “the land of reality” is the 40 hour workweek.  Who wrote into law that a magical number like 40 hours (or more sadly) per week was a required amount of time to accomplish any job task.  The average person only really does productive work about 2 hours (or less) a day…so what makes 40 hours a week “full-time”?  Hmmm….

SIDENOTE: If you actually think you really do productive, meaningful work for a full 40 hours a week…or more…I would ask you to do a work journal, and prove it to yourself.  There are very few people that can maintain a productive work schedule for that long.

The “nay sayers” will kill your ideas…because in their mind, there’s no way that someone can reach out and grab success…leaving their (the nay sayer’s) world of comfort…and leave them in the dust.

In short…they are jealous of what you are achieving or are about to achieve.

Imagine a swimming pool.

In the swimming pool, are the people who make up the majority, the normal…the nay sayers.  In order for you to have success, you have to break free, and jump out of the pool so you can more freely walk around.

But they will try to stop you…they will grab you, try to drag you back into the water with them…where it’s nice and warm.  Even when you think you’re finally breaking free for the first time…they will gang up and try one last time to bring you back into the nice, warm water with them.

You can only start on the the journey of success when you get out of, and away from, the swimming pool.  Then, you get true freedom.  And there will be a few people that want to make the journey with you (for real)…and people that have already made it out of the pool…hang out with them.

HARD HIT OF REALITY: This might mean you have to change who your friends are…it might mean you don’t contact certain members of your family for awhile until you have enough success that they can’t bring you down into the swimming pool any more.

ANOTHER HARD HIT OF REALITY: If you think you will be able to start on the path of success in the beginning and you can “deal” with these individuals (friends or family) along the way, you will probably be sorely disappointed.  It’s a rare feat that you can begin to experience true success (it’s not a destination, but a journey) when the people you hang out with…are from the swimming pool of reality themselves.

Successful people have supportive spouses, friends, and family that are supportive (and for the most part successful) themselves.  Sorry to break it to you this way…but it rarely works out differently.

Now I am not asking you to kill off relationships you have with other people or family…unless doing so is necessary in your mind. 😉  What my main point is, is you should reduce contact with those people that just won’t allow you or support you on the journey of success.

The media, news, newspapers, etc…are another main “distractor factor” from success.  Go on a “news diet” for 2 weeks, and I guarantee you’ll have a different view of the media and its importance in your life.

Society can kill the Internet Star.

Will society kill your Internet stardom?  Or will you break your cycle…and reach down deep…then break your “normal” life to achieve real success?

I hope to see your success story. 🙂

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - Need someone to help you out of the swimming pool?

Joseph Ratliff - Need someone to help you out of the swimming pool?

P.S. By the way, today is my 35th birthday…and the only thing I regret is I didn’t get out of the swimming pool earlier in my own life.  So, if you would like some help getting out of the pool yourself…and on your path to success…let’s talk for an hour.

I have a special “Joe’s Birthday Rate” that I will extend for a one-hour success session that will kick your ass into high gear!

Go to and check it out…then scroll to the bottom and contact me today to schedule your one-hour success session.  This special is valid until Friday, June 5th, 2009 or until I schedule 10 such sessions whichever comes first.  It won’t be offered again.