Genuine Connection

I suppose if there was only one overriding principle I have for writing this book “The Slow Manifesto”… it’s to once again encourage genuine connection between humans. Genuine connection doesn’t solve all problems, it’s a tall challenge, and requires a MAJOR rethinking of some of our Western traditions, but I think it’s worth it. And, […]

As Of Today, I’m Slowing The Book Down (But It Will Be Published)

Today,  I just got the first indication that my book, “The Slow Manifesto,” is a serious idea (not an original one, but a serious one). Without any provocation, other than perhaps I know him, fellow copywriter (legendary) John Forde included a piece of my “Manifesto” in his  popular newsletter for copywriters… The Copywriter’s Roundtable (if […]

We Have To Learn How To Slow Down

“I can’t sit in one place for more than a little bit.” “I’ve got to do this thing (whatever that thing is)” “I’m way too busy today” Bullshit. Since there is one person who decides how to use your time (that’s you)…all of the above is complete, steaming, B…frickin’….S. Why can’t you sit in one […]