“Slow” Is Not An Excuse

I touched on this in the Manifesto, but here is a deeper explanation of what I mean when I say “slow is not an excuse to/for __________.” Because I started a blog before I actually published this book, I’ve already gotten email questions like: “Joe, won’t ‘going slow’ mean a lack of productivity?” “Joe, isn’t […]

A Couple Of Slow Gifts For New Year’s

I have prepared a couple of gifts for you, in light of New Year’s… and the fact that 2013 is coming to an end. They are both in PDF format, so right-click and save… then enjoy the read: The Rushed Society Manifesto and Some Links To Life Here’s to a slow and prosperous 2014 everyone. […]

Slow Privacy

With the recent developments concerning the NSA… we have to have a big, unified, and thorough discussion on privacy. Slow privacy. The difference between privacy and “slow” privacy lies in how anything concerning the privacy of the citizens of our country is presented. Take Facebook for example… they push the boundaries of our privacy all […]