“Slow” Is Not An Excuse

I touched on this in the Manifesto, but here is a deeper explanation of what I mean when I say “slow is not an excuse to/for __________.”

Because I started a blog before I actually published this book, I’ve already gotten email questions like:

  • “Joe, won’t ‘going slow’ mean a lack of productivity?”
  • “Joe, isn’t this an excuse to be lazy, or an excuse not to get stuff done?”
  • “Joe, I don’t want to be one of those people who is thought of as a ‘slowpoke’… so how can I implement the principles of Slow?”

And variations of these types of concerns.

They are valid concerns, for sure… but slow isn’t an excuse to use, it’s more of a mindset behind living more deliberately, more consciously, more critically

… instead of rushing to the next thing in the interest of some society-imposed notion we all have to produce as much as we can, as many as we can, or as quickly as we can.

And that mindset can be extrapolated to mean many things.  For example, as it applies to upgrading your technology it can mean thinking and being aware of your need to upgrade, instead of upgrading for the sake of upgrading (or worse because everyone else is doing it, for those Apple fans out there).

It can apply to making products, striving for quality (slow) versus quantity or “mass produced for the masses” (not slow).

And on, and on…

Slow isn’t an excuse for anything, it’s not something you choose to “not do”… instead it’s a methodology, a mindset, for “doing” at a pace where you’re in complete control of the outcome (not marketing, society, emotions etc…).

Be in control of your thinking, eating, upgrading, manufacturing, political views, etc… and don’t let them control you.  To do that, slow down.

THAT is what slow is.

Slow Privacy

With the recent developments concerning the NSA… we have to have a big, unified, and thorough discussion on privacy.

Slow privacy.

The difference between privacy and “slow” privacy lies in how anything concerning the privacy of the citizens of our country is presented.

Take Facebook for example… they push the boundaries of our privacy all the time.  They’ll come out with a feature, seemingly wait to get push back on that feature if it violates our idea of privacy… then finally make a change.

It’s a process.

That’s “regular” privacy.

Slow privacy would be the same scenario, but instead of Facebook just pushing out a feature, and trying to push its version of privacy on the world… instead they go more slowly… and listen to the community FIRST, to see if that feature is even necessary or could be improved in a “beta” mode that doesn’t affect the 1 BILLION accounts in that community.

Go slowly.

Slow privacy ALSO pertains to giving us, the users, the consumers… a means to set boundaries that ALL companies, media, Government etc… MUST abide by.  A set of “privacy terms” for us as users.

Because let’s face it, every one of us is different in our expectations of privacy… some people are willing to reveal more, and some less, of ourselves online and offline.  These terms would also immediately establish ownership of said data (like emails, posts, etc…).

So, these terms would tell other companies EXACTLY how they can use our data, if we want to be private… we can be.  If we don’t, we don’t have to be.

Just because people want their privacy, doesn’t mean they want to hide anything, and actually privacy establishes these “terms.”

Did You Notice The Birds?

Your mobile phone is ringing.

Another text is coming in… you have email in your inbox, there is an “important” meeting you need to attend.

You’ve got to upgrade your laptop, your mobile phone, your sunglasses… you need more stuff… need to go to that party (to be on your phone again).

Life keeps moving faster, faster, faster… you’re sooooo busy.


You’ve made all of your “busy-ness” up.  It’s a status symbol.

Deep down, you think you “need” to be busy, or society won’t accept you.


While all this was happening… the coolest bird just flew by.  Your son, your daughter, they’ve been asking for your attention.

Your wife, she wants to make passionate love to you.

Your husband, he wants to tell you something… but you keep getting that damn phone.

Did you notice the birds?


Writing Slowly

Who said you had to blog every day?

They’re wrong.

Write slowly.

I am.

The book, “Slow” will be published in 2014, but it might be slower than that.

As for this blog, why not subscribe in a feed reader other than Google Reader (which is going to pasture), and you’ll be able to keep up with the slow updates.  (Feedreader.com, Feedly, RSS Owl etc…)