Look Up

by Gary Turk (shared here with permission) Look Up. I have 422 friends, yet I am lonely. I speak to all of them everyday, yet none of them really know me. The problem I have sits in the spaces between, looking into their eyes, or at a name on a screen. I took a step […]

Slow Down … Or Burnout

By Jack Forde at CopywritersRoundtable.com (reprinted here with permission) “In the realm of ideas,” the writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, “everything depends on enthusiasm.” In fact, said Arthur Balfour — the former British Prime Minister, agreement-maker, and ex-philosopher who was, ironically, known for his dispassionate demeanor — “Enthusiasm is what moves the world.” […]


We strive to make more and more progress as a society, civilization, whatever. We must move forward, not backward.  We have to upgrade, not remain stable.  We must go faster, not slower. We must stop doing this. Not just for ourselves, but for the world as a whole.  When is it good enough?  When do […]