The Rise of the “Watcher Society”

My comment to this post on Hugh Howey’s “Wayfinder” blog… It’s silly (sad even) that we live in a society where we are “watched” to see if we do anything “wrong.” (Both quoted terms are used loosely). You could go to a beach, and while having fun doing some sort of dance be caught on […]

On “Transparency Is Good For Society” versus “Privacy”

The fact that transparency was brought in as a justification for a “better” society is telling.  Here are my two points… 1.  Why do you think transparency “seems” to be a thing that society “gains” from?  Think about the motive behind that idea.  There are multiple layers to the motive, some are okay (I suppose), […]

Slow Privacy

With the recent developments concerning the NSA… we have to have a big, unified, and thorough discussion on privacy. Slow privacy. The difference between privacy and “slow” privacy lies in how anything concerning the privacy of the citizens of our country is presented. Take Facebook for example… they push the boundaries of our privacy all […]