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People are funny sometimes.

It’s almost like they want something to be hard to accomplish in order to validate the fact they are in an online marketing business (or any business for that matter, but I’ll keep it focused on marketing here).

Folks, this marketing business isn’t hard at all…but you can make it hard if you choose.


—> Trying to figure it all out beforehand. This is a big hot button for me, as it represents a large percentage of the questions newbies ask me boiled down to this one topic.

Folks, marketing online or offline cannot (and will not) be figured out before you take risk and attempt to start testing offers to make to a market…there are simply too many variables (copywriting, SEO, marketing, testing, PPC, etc… etc…) to try and figure out, not to mention each variable is WAY too deep.

If you’re trying to figure it all out beforehand, quit doing it and just try to execute something, and keep executing, using the data you get (even basic data) to figure out yourself how to make things better. If you don’t have the resources, find someone who does and partner with them.

—> You already know enough to get started. All the ebooks in the world will NOT, repeat NOT market a business for you. In fact, they can actually steer you off course if you’re not careful.

As grown ups, you already know enough (even if you’re young) to help a group of people solve a problem by marketing an offer of some type. But you have to develop one other thing…

—> You must have the fortitude to put yourself and your offers “out there.” You will make mistakes, you probably will make a type of mistake where you’ll look like a complete fool, so know that, get over it, and go make more mistakes. Eventually, you’ll fail less and less, and succeed more and more. No one said that marketing could be developed overnight, or everyone would do it successfully.

The concern about putting your offers out there in front of people who might give you a hard time needs to be put to rest. Everyone seeks acceptance, but you will not, repeat will not get it from everyone.

In fact, if you don’t reach the part of your market where someone complains in some manner, you aren’t marketing your offers effectively enough.

Quit trying to impress people, and get out there and make some dang offers!

Quit wanting this to be hard, it does take time to develop the skills, but it is all easy to do if you just start testing offers and driving then converting traffic (in other words, quit talking about it, and “researching it”, and start executing).

I hear the excuses all the time…

“I can’t seem to get that offer to convert for my ebook with the ‘breakthrough’ way to make money online…”

“I am marketing with email, articles, PPC, forums, blogs [rest of the long list of online tactics here] … but still am not getting the results I want from my proven product…”

Or some variation of the above…


It’s almost like these marketers have fallen asleep or something.

There are a TON of other ways to make money online.  You’re marketing with tunnel vision if all you do is use internet-based media to advertise and distribute your products or services.

For consultants and copywriters…this means you actually have to freakin’ talk to people face to face at seminars and in your local business areas.

For those marketing in the “internet marketing” niche, that means looking WAY beyond your online media.  Newspaper classifieds, high-powered joint ventures (real ones, not just “I’ll market my product to your list”)…and more.

This is a short post.  Yeah, deal with it.