Stuff And Clutter

A lot of people fall victim to “stuff and clutter”.

What do I mean?

Many people live empty, meaningless lives…which have to be filled with “stuff”.  The more “stuff” they have to show off, the merrier.

“Hey, look at what I just bought…”

“Doesn’t this thing I just put up in my house look cool?”

“I need more _______ , that’ll do the trick.”

“I’ve got so many projects going on right now, I can’t do _______.”

Stuff and clutter, stuff and clutter, stuff…and clutter.

It’s sad actually, that most people place more value on their “stuff”, than on their daily interactions with other people (i.e. they have to “text them really quick” because they are so busy).  They place more value on their past memories, than on going out and creating new memories.

More projects to do, more rooms in a house that seem like a nuclear bomb went off, all because they have to feel “busy” doing “stuff”…creating “clutter”.

It’s sad…really sad.

And before you think this doesn’t apply to you, think really hard first.  At one point or another, this applies to almost everyone.  What you do about it as a person to change the situation is what really matters.

Can you reach down deep and make the real changes necessary to be able to “stop and smell the roses” as Grandma used to say?  Can you?

For most people, the answer ends up being a resounding no. They end up being content with their meaningless lives full of stuff, and sans the personal interaction.

Are you most people?