Just Getting By With The Minimum

A huge killer of internet businesses is the mentality behind doing “just enough” to get by… This mentality infects, like a virus, many facets of an effective online business or marketing campaign like: Customer service. Do you really go above and beyond for your customers and clients? The “free” mentality. Just doing “enough” paid marketing […]

Well Yes And No

Yes… Yes online marketing is a valid business model… Yes it does require that you work hard… Yes it requires marketing skill… Yes it requires the ability to sell and persuade (not illegally, unethically, or immorally however)… Yes it does take some time to build an affiliate marketing business… Yes you will have competition in […]

I’ve Been Thinking…

I’ve been doing some deep thinking about life, business, and success over the last month… Some really deep thinking. And, along with writing about how I make money in my own businesses (by request via numerous emails), and providing some case studies of clients who’ve been very successful after optimizing their marketing with them (also […]