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I know you have a million things to do right now, and one of them could be reading and absorbing that great Internet Marketing course you just shelled out $297.00 for. You know, the one that has the next secret you can use to make massive amounts of cash.

But that is not what you are doing right now, is it?

I can probably summarize what happened with that Internet Marketing course when it first arrived…

1) You tore it open like a kid in a candy store.

2) You broke out the first manual, dvd, cd, whatever…thinking “I am going to do so much with the information I am about to learn!”

3) You were able to read the first portion of that magnificent course (and many of them are actually loaded with those secrets they promised).

But then…

4) You allowed some sort of distraction, and thought “I will just tend to this and be back in a few minutes…”

Those are the words of death for that internet course.

How many times have you actually made it back to that information that could change your business life?

Come on now, really. Not many times huh?

I totally understand. I was there myself once. You are a business owner right? Lots of important stuff to do, too many “fires to put out.”


Then why did you buy that internet marketing course to begin with?

By the way, that internet marketing course could be a book, magazine, or any other source of information that you promised yourself “you would get back to.” Is it important to keep yourself educated and on the cutting edge in the world of business?

I already know you know the answer to that question. And, you have probably referred to the title of this post and thought “I thought this was a ‘how to’ post, not a lecture.” The real title to this post should have been:

“How Do You Read And Absorb Information When There Are So Many Distractions Pulling Away Your Time?”

And the answer is…

Just do it. Make time to do it. It is that important. I mean, how much time does it actually take to read a small portion of that Internet Marketing Course and gain a useful idea that you can use in your business the next day, or plan to implement this idea another day?

Ten minutes? Fifteen minutes? Come on now, be realistic…

For those of you that are reading this post to the end here…and saying:

“But Joe, I don’t even have ten or fifteen minutes in a day to sit down and read anything!”


You are welcome to call me when the money runs out or you are closing your doors. I will try to help. But it might be too late.

Sorry for the harsh reality there. This is just too important to use that excuse though.

Set aside a fifteen minute window for “self education”, every day. Even when you have a day off. It’s that important. Do not allow distractions in this window of time…

Your business depends on it.


I review a LOT of websites, offers, ezines, products, businesses and on and on when it comes to Internet Marketing (most NOT in the Make Money Online niche).

I haven’t seen enough marketers start to “let go” of their businesses yet.  And this mindset will slowly begin to erode the “shell” you’ve hidden behind in your business…then kill that business in the next 3 to 10 years, guaranteed.

What do I mean?

Well, it’s a deep concept usually reserved for my coaching clients…but I will attempt to give the “bird’s eye view” here in this post.  And before you dismiss this as simple, or not applicable to you, you need to think of 2 questions first:

1)  Am I really conducting business this way?

2)  Am I sure this doesn’t apply to me?


“Letting go” of your online business means, in simple terms, that you don’t have anything involved in your business processes or marketing that give the impression you want to take control away from the visitors, prospects, or customers/clients that help you grow that business (notice I didn’t say “your customers” because they aren’t yours or mine…they’re people).

And that means you have nothing that gives that impression.

Here’s a list of concepts that help you “let go”:

  • Transparency.

This means your business and your activities aren’t hidden behind your monitor.  That’s right, people are going to eventually quit doing business with people they can’t see everything about.  For those of you who think hiding behind an anonymous name on chat boards and forums is “cool” and thinking that you can do business that way, well, you’re done.

  • Risk Reversal (real risk reversal, not the wimpy kind).

True risk reversal involves a “more than solid” guarantee of your product or service.  Instead of wimpy “30-day” guarantees…try a 12 month double your money back if this doesn’t work guarantee. Your sales will go up, your refund rates might too, but not as much as your sales.  In some cases, your refund rate doesn’t go up, it goes down. 🙂  Let that sink into your head for a minute.

  • Putting yourself out there (in promotions, not related to transparency).

Are you afraid of putting yourself out there?  Afraid of adding some controversy to this mix?  So long as your doing things legally, ethically, and morally…you should be fine.  So get your promos where people will see them!

  • Policies and service that are totally in favor of the people who give you money. (who gives a &*&*& if they buy a digital product from you, get a refund, then keep the product.  Products and ideas are a dime a friggin’ dozen…so make a new one).

If people work up the trust to buy from you, or become a lifelong customer, what are you going to do to keep earning that trust?  Yeah, yeah, there are some crappy customers out there who might scam you…but it’s the smaller percentage (less than 2%)…so really, what are you going to focus on?  The 2% who aren’t honest and won’t make you money?  Or the 98% who are honest and will make you a TON of moolah (if you work hard to keep that trust)?

  • Delivering on your promises when people give you their hard-earned money.

There are a few “big” “goo-roo” companies in the “make money online” niche that have made hefty promises with newsletter offers and such, then failed to deliver (I’ve tested them all, and only ONE actually met all of the promises they made).

If you have a product to deliver, deliver it BEFORE you bill the next month’s payment (and yes, you can…there’s NO excuses here).  If you make a promise to a customer, honor it…period.


If a client/customer wants a refund or needs something to take care of them, do it…without question.  If you feel you’re being taken advantage of, refund their money and move on to people who will do business fairly with you.  Just remember that’s a 2-way street…not just a one-way street.

Your refund policies mean nothing to the customer, and while that may sound like a BIG, fat wrong thing to you…you’d better get used to it and just take care of them, even when it seems like they’re being idiots.

  • Participating in Social Media.

This is a big one, letting go of your business also means participating in it…as social media will take a larger and larger role in the growth of businesses both online and offline in the near future.

Quit hiding behind your monitor, and talk to people.  This is an interactive medium, not a one-way communication tool.

There’s obviously way more I could add to this DEEP subject, but this should give you a start towards thinking about “letting go” of your online business.

And obviously, I’m not perfect in a couple of these areas myself, but I have plans to improve my shortcomings NOW…because I realize the survival of my businesses will depend on it.

The survival of your online business will depend on it as well…so get to it!  Start to “let go” right now. And don’t give me some “wimpy-wad” excuse why you can’t…you can.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff

P.S. I’m at work on the first of my “manifestos”, titled “Rules, What Rules?”…which is a guide to empowering you to live life and build your business the way you want to, because there aren’t “rules” that govern how you should do that.

It should be completed within the next 60 days or sooner.

It’s sad…but also good at the same time (for you)…

If you’ve been thinking about starting a business, now is the time to do it in my opinion.


Because your competition is placing themselves at a total disadvantage.

From what I’ve seen in continually analyzing marketing processes, customer “helpdesks” (more like help-less desks), and overall practices in online business in a general sense, you could have a distinct advantage if you just meet some rather simple criteria:

  • You actually deliver on ALL of your promises. Not just some of them, not the biggest ones…but all promises made in your sales letters and marketing.
  • You or a member of your staff reply to helpdesk inquiries (or any customer service inquiry), good or bad, with a solution or simple “thanks.”
  • If you are going to fail to deliver (on anything), you let your customers know why, and what you’ll do to make things right.
  • Have your entire product that you promise to deliver in your marketing material ready to deliver before you start marketing.  Some “test markets” before they have a product ready to go to ensure sales success, I’m here to tell you there are other ways to test a market that are just as effective…the added bonus being you won’t fail to deliver.
  • Prepare enough of your product to deliver to paying customers with special offers. A particular Internet Marketing print newsletter company once went through HUGE losses of time and energy (and profits) because they didn’t have enough to meet the need.
  • Check your vendors out thoroughly to ensure they can deliver. The same particular Internet Marketing print newsletter company didn’t check out their delivery house thoroughly enough…and pissed off countless loyal customers with delivery issues.  The least expensive option isn’t always the best option folks.
  • Communication overall is VERY important, quit trying to hide. Instead of avoiding customer complaints, either refund and “fire” problem customers or address legitimate concerns head on…over-delivering in your solution and quit delivering the “cheapskate impression” (i.e. give a special bonus, discount, etc…as part of your solution).
  • Make it easy for your customer to buy from you. Holy crap, this is a BIG one…quit trying to “lock down” your Internet business like Fort Knox.  98% of all people are honest, period.  Quit acting like it’s the other way around…and make it easy for your customers to give you friggin’ money.  If you’re guilty of this, you know who you are.

And on, and on…

If you allow your mind to expand on these ideas, and begin to think of ways to actually deliver value and help people, your profits will thank you (mine do).

It really does work…and no one ever said you had to do business so efficiently that some arbitrary “acceptable percentage of customers” had to suffer.  And if you don’t believe business is conducted that way (especially online, where it’s easy to hide)…you need to take a look behind the scenes of businesses the way I have for only 90 days to discover this for yourself.

It’s sad, really fucking sad, that you can grow a business just by paying attention to your customers, and actually delivering on ALL of your promises…all of the time.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - Business is about people, people.  Is your business about your people?

Joseph Ratliff - Business is about people, people. Is your business about your people?

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