5 Books Every Marketer Is Required To Have On Their Bookshelf

The following is a list of 5 books that every marketer should be required to have on their bookshelf (and have actually read them several times each)… Scientific Advertising/My Life In Advertising by Claude Hopkins Influence (Science and Practice) by Robert B. Cialdini Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz Getting Everything You Can Out Of All […]

A New Problem Developing For Internet Marketers…

There’s no doubt… We live in an age where there’s more information available on any one subject that it’s mind-numbing. Also…with the development of marketing businesses on the internet, a new “foe” has entered the ring…market fatigue. What is market fatigue? It’s the saturation of book and product launches within any niche.  It’s not happening […]

How To Make Real Money Using The Internet Part 2

This is the final part of a two part post that should have been a small report I guess 🙂 Part 1 is here. Continuing our “what it really takes to make money online” theme… This whole internet marketing business game really boils down to one simple concept (and yes, it IS this simple)… You […]