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The Phone Rings…And You’re Probably Getting It

I’ll bet that if the phone rings while you’re reading this, you’ll run from here to that phone (or pick it up) and answer it, no matter what.

Ring ring!

But why?  Isn’t that what answering machines and voice mail are for?

Imagine if you were the one in control of your time, and didn’t have to run across your big house to get it…just to hear one of those annoying telemarketers on the other end.

I know there’s a such thing as caller-ID, but why run across your house to look?  Why not finish whatever it is that you’re doing…THEN answer the message you get on your machine or voice mail?

And before I hear a “But it’s rude not to answer the phone when it rings” or any thought that even comes close to resembling that…it isn’t.

So, I challenge you to turn your ringer off, and check voice mail (or your machine) when YOU want to…not because that ringing sound made you.

At first, it will be challenging, you think that there “could be an important call you’re missing.”

But I’m not asking you to NEVER answer your phone, just not on it’s command…instead on yours.  Even if the call is important, NOTHING is important enough to keep you running back and forth every time the phone rings.  (you’ll actually discover that 95 out of every 100 calls or so aren’t really that important at all)


The feeling of liberation you’ll feel  when you’re back in control of this part of your life will astound you.

So get to it…regain some control of your life.

Living Life Like A Dog On A Chain…

The boss calls…you have to give up your dinner again…

…the doctor needs you to do those tests on Friday…

…the phone rings and you’re on the other side of the house…

…you just gotta send that text NOW, because who knows what would happen if you waited for an hour…

…sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice…

Living life like a dog on a chain is great right?  No?

Anyone who says you HAVE to live life this way is feeding you a steaming pile of cow dung…period.

And, on top of that, there is only one person to blame when you feel like you’re being “pulled apart” by life in general…or when it seems like you’re too busy.


You and you alone make a conscious choice to accept all of these interruptions, to live life according to when “they” (whoever “they” are) schedule it for you.

If you don’t take control of your time, someone or some event will gladly take control of it for you.

Think about that today.

If You Don’t Live Your Life, Others Will Be Happy To Control It For You…

I love it when people say things like:

“Oh, I’m soooo busy right now with ‘stuff’/’this thing I’ve gotta do’/etc…”

“I would like to do ______ , but I’ve gotta attend/do _________ “

And on, and on…

What.  The. Fuck?

Are you serious?

Hey folks, if you don’t control your time (read: live life the way YOU want to, on YOUR terms)…then other people will be happy to control your life / time / activities for you…if you let them.

Notice the common theme here?

If you complain about “not having the time” to do anything it is you want to do, then you probably allowed this to happen in some form (letting someone else control it for you).

Unbelievable.  If you don’t want to do something, don’t.  No one said you HAD to do certain things, attend certain events, be a “team player” etc…

In every case, it was YOU who decided to let those things happen…period.

A parting thought for this rant…

Is it your life or “theirs?”