How I Got Healthy Again (Generally)

I read a blog called Cordelia Calls It Quits.  I recently left a comment there about how I “quit” choosing health problems, and instead chose to solve them. I have re-posted that comment here: I walk 3 miles a day, drink plenty of water, and eat smaller portions (the small plate instead of the big […]

What Life Is And What Life Isn’t

Life is… That funny sign or moment that you and your family talk about for hours in one day. Looking up in the sky and wondering “How small am I?” Getting lost while driving somewhere, and finding something even more exciting. The look on your kid’s face when they realize your wisdom helped them “connect […]

Slow Thinking

How many times have you seen something interesting, say online, and immediately blogged about it… tweeted it… commented on it… etc… Instead, why not slowly think about it? Because you’ve got no time, right?  You’ve got to move on to the next thing, right?  If you don’t, you’ll be “behind,” right? Wrong. In our society […]