You’re Not Alone

We’re all human, and someone feels the way you’re feeling right now… If you’re doubting whether or not you can write a best-seller, you’re not alone, so has every famous author. If you don’t think anyone will ever read your blog, you’re not alone, most blogs take years to develop. If you wake up at 2 am […]

The Eternal Battles We Fight

We need to throw out “What side are you on?” and labels like “anti-this” and “pro-that.” Those bifurcations are exactly what propagandists (like Governments) use to keep people away from the human part of whatever you’re examining. We are human beings with short lives that occupy dirt on a planet which is a speck of dust […]

What Slow Religion Is

It’s important to note that NO offense is intended towards any set of beliefs here (religious or otherwise), or the people that believe them etc… and that I personally respect all opinions on this subject (not the same as condoning actions). Let’s get to it… Slow religion means that no matter what you believe, or […]