The Best Of This Blog Year 1

Here’s a list of posts that have had the most views in year one of The Blog, enjoy (each link opens in a new window) :

Internet Business And The Ripple Effect

Are You Lying To Your Email Readers?

Why You’re Probably Missing The Boat With Social Media Marketing

The Entrepreneur’s Disease You Haven’t Heard Of Until Now, And One Thing That’s Killing Your Online Business…

Society Kills The Internet Star

How To Grow Your Business Fast, And Why You’ll Never Actually Do It

How Fast Would You Paddle To Keep From Going Over A Waterfall?

And just in case you wanted to see more…

I will do one of these once a year in February…to kinda “recap” the previous year.

Interview With Mark Yarrobino Of “”

I was interviewed this morning by Mark Yarrobino of

We covered some hard hitting success-type topics as they pertain to entrepreneurship.  Mark was also nice enough to add me to his experts page. 🙂

Awesome…thanks Mark!

You’re welcome to head on over to Mark’s blog and listen to the interview (about 45 minutes or so).  Good stuff.


An Apology Regarding

My other blog at is currently out of commission (over 600 posts, POOF!).

I sincerely apologize if you’re a reader of that blog, and cannot access it.  This will serve as a lesson for me to have a backup of the backup of the backup…as the database file I had could not be restored for that blog.  But we’re working on it.

Also, it serves as a lesson for choosing web hosting companies.

A simple DNS change was necessary, and for some reason, when I performed that according to instructions… it cleared my database files and blew up my blog. 🙁

C’est la’ vie.

Rest assured, if you subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog via email or your favorite reader, I have taken all necessary precautions (and then some) to ensure this does not happen again.