18 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Online Business

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If any one of these 18 mistakes resonate with you, avoid them or suffer the consequences.

1. I can do this for free. You cannot build a business online for free. Get over it.

2. Build it, and they will come. You cannot just put a website up, and expect to start raking in the profits.

3. Decorate it, “Trick it out”, not for websites…this might work for brick and mortar stores, but online you have to keep it to reasonable level.

4. Lacking a Unique Selling Proposition. You need to generate a real presence online…and you have to be unique.

5. “I don’t have to work hard to succeed online.” Pfui. Sometimes harder.

6. Earn money in your sleep, 24/7/365, etc… Yes, you can, but your business requires attention.

7. “I already know what to do, I don’t need a game plan, plans are for newbies.” You might as well count yourself out now, turn in the keys and go home.

8. Not getting to the point. People have so many other distractions nowadays, you don’t have time to go into theory, just get to the point.

9. Writing for the offline audience is the same as writing for the online audience. Wrong answer, thank you for playing the game.

10. Failing to remember you are dealing with people online. It is so easy to do online, and the impersonal nature of the media can help you lose business as fast as you can gain it.

11. Stopping at the first sale with a customer. Big error, this is only your first contact with a person who said “I trust you”…what are you going to do next?

12. Give them more reasons to show up again and again. It doesn’t stop at the first visit, what are you going to do to keep ‘em coming back?

13. Having a terrible follow up system. Are you following up with someone who gave their email address and name to you by sending endless offers?

14. “I have 10 million hits and no sales…how is that possible?” Traffic isn’t the key, targeted (quality) traffic is.

15. Don’t make them think. Getting your visitors the information they are seeking as quickly and easily as possible should be a primary objective.

16. Lack of focus on your business. There is more ways to make money on the internet than you could write a book on…but you need to pick one and focus on it until it develops profits consistently.

17. Failing to re-invest in your online business. You always need to focus a certain percentage of revenue back into the business.

18. Failing to properly track and monitor your online business. It is so easy to do this online, yet many don’t even try.

Well, there they are, 18 of the most critical mistakes you can make that will kill your online business.

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Are You Doing The Right Thing…Right Now…In Your Internet Business?

Here’s a scenario…

You have 5 phone calls to make, but one will move a money-making project forward after you take a little more time to finish that project after the phone call.  Or do you focus on “getting the remaining 4 done.”

Are you using your time to manage tasks?  Or to achieve goals?


One phone call moves the money-maker forward, and the rest of your day devoted to finishing that project = Goal Accomplished.

The next day you repeat, focusing on accomplishing goals instead of just completing tasks…but you might miss some comfy admin time.


All 5 phone calls completed, all tasks completed, so more admin stuff completed and day over.

Then the next day is started finishing the money-maker from the day before (maybe), then more tasks to complete.

See the mindset shift here?

2 days = 2 days of $$$ if you’re focused on accomplishing goals instead of completing tasks…

…or 2 days = possibly 1 day of $$$ if you like completing tasks for the sake of completing tasks (or because they may seem important to you)…

Which would you rather have?  2 days of money?  Or 2 days with all tasks completed, and possibly one day of money?

Think about that today.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - What are you doing right now?

Joseph Ratliff - What are you doing right now?

Why Did You Start An Internet Business?

Today I am going to ask you to do a little bit of thinking…

Yep, that’s right, you are going to have to do some work.

I want you to think back to the beginning of your internet business, or if you haven’t started one yet, think about this simple concept…

Why did you (or do you) want to start an internet business?

Many people, when asked this question, will answer the simple answer…to make a profit.

That answer is a load of bullshit, and if you’re going to stick to your guns and say “Screw you Joe, that IS the reason I started an internet business…” …well then, you’re going to be out of business in less than 5 years, period.

Don’t call me when the money runs out.

Why is my opinion so strong on this viewpoint?

If your true motive for getting into business is really “to make a profit”, that internal message will translate into your marketing…which will reach the people that view or digest your marketing…and guess what folks?

People don’t like it when they feel you reaching into their wallets.

Zig Ziglar said it best…

You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”
Quotation of Zig Ziglar

Aside from the fact that business is about people, which I have been a strong proponent of from my very humble beginnings back in 2001…

…there is another reason you’ll fail in business if you truly believe this is about making a profit as your guiding reason…

The real reason you started an internet business, or any business for that matter…doesn’t have to do with money (even though making money is important)…

It has to do with the lifestyle and freedom making that money will afford you.  Come on, look deep within yourself, some variation of this is the real reason you got into business.

Each person has their own idea of what this “freedom and lifestyle” is.

  • What this lifestyle feels like…
  • What this lifestyle smells like…
  • What this lifestyle looks like…
  • Who this lifestyle allows them to meet…
  • How your family will be able to live with this freedom…
  • And on, and on…

It’s different for everyone.

So how do we put these two concepts together?

Here’s your answer:

Money and profits are the measuring stick of how well you help people get the lifestyle and freedom they want (or everything they want), from delivering the value your business offers towards that objective.

You deliver that value better = better money and profits for you.

But notice which one is first?  It’s not “better money and profits for you” is it?  You add value to people’s lives first, and the money will follow.

Things will change in business, markets will change, but one thing that will never change in business…

Business is about people, people. 🙂

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - Without You, I Dont Have A Business

Joseph Ratliff - Without You, I Don't Have A Business

Has Life “Slowed Down” For You Recently?

On 03.24.2009 my modem crashed.

I didn’t get a new one shipped to me until the morning of 03.26.2009.  I was without internet access (a main part of my businesses) for almost a full 48 hours.

Now, I am what you would probably call a “hyper-productive” person…I can usually get done in 2 hours what it takes an average person 8 hours to do.

I tell you this not to brag at all…in fact, in this 48 hour stretch of “downtime”, I found out that hyper-productivity has a curse.

Here’s what I mean…


Because I get so focused on what I am doing to maintain the level of productivity that I do…I realized that I have been overlooking one important thing:

The rest of what life has to offer!

In other words, life had to slow down for me to get me to realize that there was more to it.  Not that I miss my kids baseball games or anything, but once I had slowed down enough, I did some “other” things that I hadn’t done in awhile.

Like read a book (not marketing related)…

Like take my wife out to a quiet lunch (with kids at school), then go to the park and take a slow walk on the path…

Like just sit and think about life for a few uninterrupted moments…

And much more…all in 48 hours.  I got the opportunity to apply my hyper-productivity in a different way, and it was goooooooood. 🙂

So what does this have to do with you, and how does this apply to business building?

Well my friend, quite a bit.

Once I received my modem, I returned to my businesses with a clarity that I hadn’t had in quite some time.  And it all happened because I was forced to take a 48 hour hiatus (aside from the day or two a week I normally take off to recharge the batteries).  So I started to think…

What if I did the forcing?

What if, once a quarter, or more if necessary…I forced myself to this uninterrupted break with the intent on focusing on everything else in life?  Some people might say that’s the same as taking more of a weekend…but I don’t think that’s accurate.

Because I love what I do so much that when I take a “weekend off” to recharge the batteries…it’s with a different focus.

And, this also doesn’t apply to taking a couple weeks (or more) a year off either…that’s what many would consider “taking a vacation”…and I don’t need a vacation from doing something that I love to do with a passion.

If you feel you need a “vacation” from what you do…you might want to think about what you’re doing…is it really something you love to do?  Or is it something you forced yourself to do because of the money possibilities etc…?

Anyhow…don’t take this to mean that you shouldn’t take your wife out for dinner…for special occasions…or buy flowers etc… because it doesn’t reflect the same thing.

The lesson you need to take to your business is this…

Schedule some “clarity time” for your business.

Give yourself 48 hours every so often (schedule it, don’t just do it randomly)…and during this 48 hours…don’t touch a thing that has to do with your business.  This isn’t a weekend either though, this group of time has a purpose…to allow your brain to catch up with itself while you’re building your business.

Giving your brain 48 hours to clear out the “fuzzy stuff” will help you…it helped me.  In fact, I do recommend you do this while you are on your scheduled 48 hours.  And…because you’re forcing yourself to slow down, your momentum will begin to build like water behind a dam…and when you let the floodgates loose once your time is over, the productivity increase will amaze you. 🙂

It amazed me…I am going to “slow down to speed up” more often.

Has life slowed down for your recently?

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - Your Partner To Complete Clarity Online

Joseph Ratliff - Your Partner To Complete Clarity Online