The Internet Is Just A Distraction

I’ve been doing some deep thinking about business again…and I’ve come to a rather interesting conclusion this time… The Internet is a distraction to actually doing business. But not in the sense you might be thinking…I just think that we place too much importance on the Internet for business. ¬†Way too much importance in fact. […]

Just Getting By With The Minimum

A huge killer of internet businesses is the mentality behind doing “just enough” to get by… This mentality infects, like a virus, many facets of an effective online business or marketing campaign like: Customer service. Do you really go above and beyond for your customers and clients? The “free” mentality. Just doing “enough” paid marketing […]

I’m Skeptical, Is This A Scam?

Most people buy a course, invest in a book, watch an infomercial and buy the course it offers…get it home…and ask a question: “Is this going to work for me?” Or… “Is this thing a scam?” Even worse, they will investigate something (way too much), and ask one of the questions above BEFORE investing in […]