The Internet Is Just A Distraction

I’ve been doing some deep thinking about business again…and I’ve come to a rather interesting conclusion this time… The Internet is a distraction to actually doing business. But not in the sense you might be thinking…I just think that we place too much importance on the Internet for business.  Way too much importance in fact. […]

I’m Skeptical, Is This A Scam?

Most people buy a course, invest in a book, watch an infomercial and buy the course it offers…get it home…and ask a question: “Is this going to work for me?” Or… “Is this thing a scam?” Even worse, they will investigate something (way too much), and ask one of the questions above BEFORE investing in […]

It Isn’t About…

Folks, it isn’t about Twitter… It isn’t about Facebook, or Foursquare, or Digg.  It’s not about any one of those tools (which is all they are by the way). It’s about the entire Internet. Quit getting wrapped up in a single tool to build a presence or business online…which is like trying to use a […]