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Who Gave You Your Independence?

Today is Independence Day.

Aside from its obvious importance to America, and remembering the people who sacrificed to provide our Independence…I want to take this concept to a smaller level today.

I would also like you to think about who may have helped you gain some sort of independence for yourself.


Because I’ve realized that quite a few people think they got where they are in life because of what they’ve done, or what they’ve accomplished.  In most cases, that simply isn’t true.

Perhaps a friend introduced you to someone who got you your dream job…

…maybe, when the chips were down, someone paid your rent so you wouldn’t have to go homeless…

…or maybe, a connection you made in the past paid off, and in reciprocation, that person got you some other “leg up” in life…

Whatever the case may be, those people gave you a form of independence right?

Let’s take some time today ( in addition to the bigger purpose for today ) to think about (and perhaps reconnect with) those people that gave you your individual independence.

Have a great and safe Independence Day.

Who Gave You Your Independence? (84th edition)

While this really isn’t the 84th edition, I have written this list each year since 2006 I believe (on an older blog).  So call this the 5th official edition.

Each year, I pay tribute to the certain individuals who helped provide a measure of independence for me in my business, or through their friendship.

Obviously, to those people who’ve become private clients… and of course you, the people who read my blog, you top the list. I appreciate each and every one of you…as without your support, this blog and my business doesn’t exist.

Without further ado…here is this year’s Independence Day list:

  • Ryan Healy from .   Ryan is a true friend, and his blog is a must-read for copywriters…period.
  • A new addition to the list, Nathan Hangen from .  I met Nate through his writing called “Claiming Your Destiny”, which is a report freely available on his blog.
  • Andre Chaperon from . Andre is also a new addition to the list, a friend, and a VERY sharp marketer.  I recommend you visit his site to gain a solid perspective of a content-first marketing approach.
  • Peter Bowerman (aka The Well Fed Writer) from .  Peter is also a friend, fellow copywriter, and overall a marketer who proves that simple works best in marketing.  You should check out Peter’s blog whether or not your a writer.
  • The Late Gary Halbert from  One of the all-time greatest direct marketers.  Two hours on the phone with him changed my view of marketing forever.  He shall probably remain on this list forever.
  • John Carlton from  The Marketing Rebel as he is known (also the most ripped off copywriter), much like Gary, will remain on this list…as his timeless lessons are continually reinforcing why I love this business so much.
  • Seth Godin, from (click on his head) whose timeless lessons pertaining to large-scale trends and communication will transcend all barriers.  One important note about Seth is even though he produces thousands of blog posts, and travels all over, he still answers his email in a timely fashion.  Someone we could all learn from.
  • Linda Buquet, Founder of 5-Star Affiliate Forums.   Linda simply enjoys helping people, a concept that seems forgotten now that people can hide behind a monitor.  If you’re into affiliate marketing, I suggest you join her forum.
  • Anyone else “on the list” that I may not have added here.

Of course, don’t forget the real reason we celebrate Independence Day here in the USA.  I think we take for granted the real freedoms we are entitled to because certain individuals sacrificed.  Don’t take that lightly…and have a safe and prosperous 4th of July, 2010 everyone.

–Joseph Ratliff

Who Gave You Your Independence? (4th Edition)

On this 4th of July, 2009 I am writing my 4th edition of “Who Gave You Your Independence?”

What is this?

The following are links to the websites of those people who had a particular influence on my online and offline businesses this year.  It’s my way of thanking those that gave without expectation of receiving (as business should be conducted).

Without further ado…

John Delavera

John is one of my online mentors, a friend, and creator of The Turbo Membership which I have been a member of since January 2007.  Thank you John for coaching me on high-level internet business growth over the last 2 1/2 years. 🙂

Ryan Healy

Ryan has been on my list for Independence Day almost every year I believe…and is a dear friend, and fellow copywriter.  If you are interested in learning about marketing, testing, and copywriting…his website comes with my highest recommendation.

Ben Settle

Ben’s unique style of delivering extreme value, never really “asking for the sale” as many try to, but building a super-affiliate business…is a style I try to emulate in my own offerings.  He is also a copywriting colleague, but rarely takes on new clients.  Visit his website and get his free documents…you’ll learn more than most paid courses.

The Late Gary Halbert

I don’t need to say much about The Prince of Print (unless of course you don’t have a marketing pulse, shame on you if you don’t know who Gary Halbert is).  Even though Gary has sadly passed away, his website lives on as a prime example that focus on delivering content first, and “marketing by accident” as I term it, still builds businesses.  His family still runs the website, which is a thousand dollar course in marketing by itself…should you choose to read it.

Anthony (Tony) Blake

Tony Blake is a marketing master with over 20 years of experience as an offline and online marketer.  His forum is almost a staple for entrepreneurs, and you should join today if you haven’t yet.  Many high-profile marketers are members.  Go to to become a member.  Tony inspires everyone he comes in contact with, and freely shares his wisdom.  He’s on my personal Skype list.

Well, that does it for this year, if anyone happened to be left off the list, and you feel you should be included…please don’t take offense…and know I appreciate everyone I come to know as a friend online.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - Have a great Independence Day!

Joseph Ratliff - Have a great Independence Day!