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How to Avoid the Most Critical Mistake When Joint Venture Marketing

Stupid template emails.

It’s true, I hate them.

When you stop marketing from the heart to your market…you lose momentum, period.

I receive about 10 – 20 email requests a week to join forces with a marketer on some “exclusive money maker.”

Guess what? I turn 99% of them down. Why?

Well, it’s not because I am a total jerk, as a matter of fact I classify myself as “Mr. Nice Guy” when it comes to interacting with people.

Here’s why I turn most Joint Venture requests down…

Of every 20 requests received, approximately 7 – 10 are exactly the same email. Now don’t hold me to that, I have not yet tracked exact figures…but I know I am pretty close. There must be a template floating around somewhere on the internet.

And this bugs the hell out of me.

Why on earth does anyone think that lighting up their email account and sending a templated email to all the accomplished internet marketers is going to produce any Joint Ventures whatsoever?

It doesn’t work that way folks. Get over it.

Joint Ventures, which can be responsible for skyrocketing your own internet business, are not made by sending one, two, or even three emails…

Folks, this is all about creating and solidifying relationships.

Here is a rather edgy example: If some stranger from came up to you out of the blue and asked you to go on a date with them right that minute…would you drop everything in your life and do just that? Come on, be honest. 🙂

I would hope you would want to get to know that individual first, right?

Same thing applies to joint ventures…you cannot possibly expect anyone, guru or otherwise, to just drop their business for a total stranger who emailed them out of the blue, and requested that they promote that total stranger’s business for just a lousy commission. The sad thing is, this happens all the time in internet marketing.

There are a few things wrong with this approach:

* First, most marketers (gurus included) would actually want more out of the deal than just money. Personally, I am looking for a solid business relationship beyond the initial request. I am talking about the sharing of resources, talents, and contacts to further expand my business too. If I even get the slightest inkling that someone wants to email their product to my list once, and split the sales…CLICK! The delete key gets pressed immediately, or the phone gets hung up.

* Second, I have no clue who you really are at first. If I am going to give you access to my carefully developed list of marketing prospects, how can you expect to gain access to that list (or a guru’s list), if you have not made an attempt to build a relationship first?

* Third, Joint Venturing with someone takes time with everything else involved in running a business. That’s right, if you expect to send an email to a guru or anyone else on Monday, and expect them to perform the “simple” act of emailing by Friday, forget it. Doesn’t work that way.

* Fourth, do you even have a solid plan? What do you plan on doing if the guru says YES?… One or two emails sent to someone does not qualify as a plan, and most savvy marketers can smell that situation from a mile away. You need a well thought out front end, lead capturing, and back end marketing process in place and tested before approaching anyone with your “money maker” in the first place.

We are really just scratching the surface here with Joint Ventures. I hope you enjoyed the read…and look forward to much more on this lucrative subject.

How To Grow Your Business Really Fast…And Why You’ll Never Actually Do It…

There’s a business building secret that only 1% of all businesses fully understand and use.

It’s so dead simple…but because of the mindset surrounding the use of this secret…all of the wannabes and less informed business owners won’t use it.

In other words, it actually takes guts to use this.

If you don’t have guts…you will not accelerate the growth of your business at the  frantic pace that this secret allows.

Do you have the guts?  Can you handle the truth?

  • Could you give up most of your profit to earn profits that you didn’t have…and had to do little work to earn those in the first place?
  • Can you talk to people?
  • If not…read no further.

The secret I am referring to is the use of Joint Ventures to accelerate the growth of your business.

The concept of using JV’s is nothing new, in fact it’s been around for hundreds of years.

There are several reasons that more business owners (online and offline) don’t make good use of this extremely powerful business development secret:

  1. Ego. Once again, the ego of the business owner, thinking they can do it all themselves…gets in the way of success.
  2. You have to part with profits to JV. While you wouldn’t have made the money you receive by doing a JV in the first place (big concept there), many business owners have a hard time overcoming the urge to make their full profit margin.
  3. The “JV Mindset”. 99% of all business owners DON’T have the proper mindset when considering a joint venture…so they miss out on the benefits of successful JV’s.

There are more reasons why owners don’t make better use of JV’s…but these 3 above seem to top the list.

Let’s explore each in more detail…

#1 Ego

Big business killer here.  Many business owners develop this “mentality” that because they started, built and developed their business from the ground up…that they are the only ones with the answers for that business…because their business is too unique to use a common powerhouse marketing strategy like JV’s to grow.

What a crock of shit. If you’re one of these business owners that think your business is “unique” in your marketplace…get over yourself. During tough times, this mindset will actually kill your business.  In fact, our current recession is peeling off “big ego” businesses like a potato (American automakers anyone?).

Let’s move on to number 2…

#2 Parting with profits to earn profits you never had.

The common thread with this reason not to use JV’s usually lies with the business owner’s misunderstanding of business growth.

Just because you profit on a transaction, or a series of transactions, doesn’t mean your business is growing (American automakers again, anyone?).

If you keep devoting your efforts to earning the most profits for your business alone…your business will wither and die.  Period.

Business is, and always will be about people, people. 🙂

When you build a business, your focus needs to incorporate as many forms of leverage and profit streams as possiblenot as much profit per transaction as possible.  The people who challenge this simply don’t understand that when you set up a Joint Venture partnership correctly…and that partnership brings you even the smallest of profits…

You never had those profits to begin with, nor could you have gotten them unless you leveraged the efforts of your JV partner in the first place.

Your business would have carried on…without that particular profit stream.

And…the really silly thing is…you could have had those profits for a very small investment of time and effort yourself (if any at all… besides saying “Yes, make me some money please!”).

On to number 3…

#3 The JV Mindset

95% of all business owners will never make this simple mental shift…ever…and it’s really sad.

If all you did was focus on JV’s as a marketing strategy…and did them correctly…you would never have to enlist another paid marketing strategy again, ever.

Your business would grow by leaps and bounds effortlessly, with almost no risk at all, and you could literally sit on the beach sipping your favorite beverage while the world turns and your business grows.  Period.

The shift in your mindset that needs to happen starts with removing the insecurities that lie with involving people in your business…or thinking you have to “do this all yourself.”

You don’t.

Yes, there is a small risk with “checking someone out” before letting them inside your business operations…but contrary to what the media portrays…

98% of all people are honest…and would love to help you in a mutually beneficial profit opportunity.  And therein lies the second mindset shift you need to make…

Mutually beneficial means you have to help the other person too…and for no immediate profit.  The leverage you produce by partnering with others will explode your profits and transform your business forever.

So get to it…or call me when the money runs out.

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - Your Partner To Increased Online Profits

Joseph Ratliff - Your Partner To Increased Online Profits

P.S.  If you need help negotiating a Joint Venture, and can wrap your head around the concept only a little…contact me via email…and I can help you get it done. 🙂 I only charge a reasonable fee to teach you, or a commission to help you put the deal together itself.