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Affiliate Marketing And Google: The Death Of…The Rebirth Of…Huh?

Affiliate Marketing.

Basically, it’s just like commission sales…but the term seemed to gain popularity online.

But let’s get to the point of this short rant/post/lesson…

There seems to be a lot of talk on the ‘net about Google’s recent treatment of quite a few affiliate accounts by banning them (and probably non-affiliate accounts too, but we’ll get to that).

My take on all of this “death of” and “rebirth of” affiliate marketing on Google stuff is…

Horse pucky!

Good lord people, affiliate marketing on Google is not dying by any stretch of the imagination because Google bans some (or most) affiliate accounts!

It just means the game is changing, as all businesses evolve, so must Google at certain points…

To me, it all boils down to a 4-letter word that many affiliates don’t want to hear…work.

And lots of it.

It’s the shortcuts and “chasing money” types of accounts and promotions that Google is probably banning, not honest hard working affiliate businesses.

The long and short of it is…affiliates will have to quit taking shortcuts in order to survive this “Google banning revolution”.  Oh yeah, and about the “revolution”…if you were one of those affiliates trying to game the Adwords system, or take shortcuts…well…

Now it’s time to pay the Ferryman.

If you were taking shortcuts, or failing to add value for Google’s searchers…how long did you actually think you would be able to get away with it?

Instead, let’s focus on creating an online business people!

I know, I know, that requires a great deal of effort, resources and work right?

I mean, more effort than putting up a one page landing page and sending Google traffic to it for any type of affiliate offer right?

Gotta do it folks…no more shortcuts.

You have to create websites that deliver more value than “I’m preselling this, make a decision right now and buy it” sites.

Add a blog to your landing page, add articles on html pages, add the standard contact us, privacy, TOS, and other pages etc (talk to your legal professionals, that ISN’T legal advice)… in short, add freakin’ value for your searchers!

That’s all Google really wants…value for its searchers, so more searchers will use Google, bringing more revenue possibilities for advertisers…and quite frankly so Google can raise fees and such because it will be a more “in demand” search engine (not that it isn’t already, but if you think it doesn’t want to do better, well…).

The long story short of today’s lesson:

Professional, value-building affiliates who genuinely want to over deliver that value  to people through their businesses (for real) will always be in…the rest will be or are already out…period.

Which one are you (or will you be)?

If you haven’t been affected by this “banning” of accounts yet…take this time to evaluate your entire offering to your market.

If you even have the slightest “inkling” or gut feeling that “more value” or putting more work into your offering would help more people in your business…you should probably double your thought and do it, right now.

But, if you can look at your own affiliate business and really say “Damn, I’ve got a site here that can really impact the lives of the people that visit it”…you’re probably ok (but think about putting more value into it anyhow).

Google and its searchers will love you, and most importantly, your commissions will be impacted as a direct result of the value you’re delivering.

(so long as you ask for the money when you should too, after all affiliate marketing is still direct marketing)

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff

What value is your business delivering to its market?

If You Use Google Adwords…This Is Important…

I’ve just read an update to the Google Adwords program.

Your destination URL and your display URL now have to match.

Get the details here:

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Google Adwords New Rules Mean Quit Taking Shortcuts

There are affiliates that build sites with the intended purpose of brokering traffic…there is no intention on these sites to add value for the visitor.

These same affiliates are always looking for the “minimum required” work they need to do to get around Google’s Adwords requirements for quality score…get a decent enough quality score to save money on clicks…then promote for commissions.

Google now has a new policy that will change the game a little for the lazy affiliates.

(you can find out more on a webmaster discussion here)

Folks, you’re actually going to have to work when you’re putting together a site for an affiliate promo.  (Simply amazing huh?  A business built on work…hmmm…)

So, no more single landing pages with some recycled crap article on it and a link to your affiliate promo people.

Get to work!

Lesson for the day: Quit trying to shortcut building a business.  Even if Google didn’t exist, what on earth would make anyone think that a one-page article site with an affiliate link would help anyone?

Shortcuts usually equal whatever penalties are available.  Maybe not today, but someday, your site will get penalized in some form, this form just happens to hit PPC affiliates who are shorting Google’s visitors square in the gut.

It’s the equivalent of going to a new car dealer’s lot and having the sales person expect to sell you a car just by reading part of the brochure.  You wouldn’t do that would you?

Then don’t expect to post a minimal amount of content on a site and be a weak traffic broker and expect to earn a living forever.

Unless that’s your goal, temporary money…if that’s the case more power to you I guess.  Just don’t whine when someone like Big-G yanks the carpet out from under you.

Let build some real sites people. 🙂

IMPORTANT RESOURCE: The affiliate marketer known only as “.X.” to most has a revealing webinar on this very subject, and what you can do to make sure you stay relevant.

Let’s just say .X. kicks all the hype to the curb, and shows you the nuts and bolts of what to do to keep adding profits to your affiliate business.

It’s called Google Truth, and you can click here to continue to the sign up page…

(I watched this 90 minute webinar personally, and it’s worth the “chicken feed” you have to put up to watch it).

Until the next time we look in the mirror together,

Joseph Ratliff - How much value have you delivered to your site visitor today?

Joseph Ratliff - How much value have you delivered to your site visitor today?