The Death Of “It’s Just Business”

There is a dangerous moniker floating around…

“It’s just business”.

You’ve used it, I’ve used it, but as of today, I’m going to quit using it.


Because I want my business to actually mean something to people.  I don’t want to be thought of or remembered as “a good __________ .”

Instead, I want my clients (whom I take on very selectively) to know that I really do, deep down, care about their business.  It’s my business to care about them and their business…period.

Do you care about each and every one of the top clients you serve with this much passion?  Or is it “just business” for them?

Folks, we are entering a new age of business here (yes old-schoolers, that means you too)… an age where your business doesn’t matter to the customer anymore.

That is, until you make it matter.

“Making it matter” to your customer means doing things that your competitors won’t do, or can’t do, for them…and doing lots of those things.

One of the many ways I accomplish this, is I tend to surprise my clients with little extra steps and phone calls that surely they would have paid for, but didn’t have to.

How can you “go the extra mile” for your customers (and I do mean mile, not a foot)?

Think about that today.  Then download my updated version of Success Is Straight In Front Of You and take action on 3 more things at least…today.