“Has Society Gone Mad?”

My answer to someone’s post on Reddit:

“Society” as a whole hasn’t gone mad, we just don’t really know what to do with all of the “artificial” and “illusion” in our culture (in the big picture).

We’re all part of the same broken system, we can’t seem to get “past” the superficial you speak of, the meaningless, the blah.

But on the rare occasion someone does get past it, past the “madness” that artificial culture creates … it’s hard to stay past it, to not get sucked back into meaningless consumerism, culture of illusion, and superficial tourism stuff.

The Machine doesn’t stop running because you finally get enlightened. In fact, it works much like quicksand, the more you struggle to break free … the more you sink into it.

That creates the “mad society” you alluded to in your post, from my perspective anyhow.


Further thoughts for business owners and executives…

If you’re contributing to the “blah” and meaningless by producing “mass produced for the masses” experiences, services, or products … you should think about how you can change that.

One place to start is by focusing on client experience.  Make it meaningful, not the same boring, “pay this and get that,” mass-produced, “everybody else is doing it too” experience.

Doesn’t your client deserve better?  Or are you so focused on trying to “profit off of them” that you’ve lost focus on the real reason you should be in business?

Change one person’s life with your client experience … today.