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The World Needs You

The world needs you to deliver the most value to other people that you can, and then some. Are you up to the challenge?

No more shortcuts, no more lack of communication with clients, and as few mistakes made as absolutely possible. Can you do it?

The world is asking you to help improve people’s lives first, and as an entrepreneur, the money you make will be a measuring stick of how well you’re doing just that.

The world needs you to look in the mirror each morning, and ask yourself, “What problems can I solve for others today?”Can you answer the call?

If helping the world in these ways seems like a daunting task, well, it is. Does that mean you can’t try?

The world needs you, that’s for certain, but the good news for you is someone else is reading this too. Will you help each other help the world?

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Do You Follow The Rules?

Recently, I was invited by Nathan Hangen to write a post on his Building Digital Empires blog.

I covered some interesting tidbits about entrepreneurship, and the labeling of entrepreneurs as “rebels” by certain people.

You can read that guest post here.  Enjoy! 🙂

Are You Living Life Like A Ghost?

Some people are friggin’ drones.

That’s right, I said it…drones.

And I don’t understand why anyone with half a mind would want to trudge along doing something or living life any less than what they want to.  But before you light off your email program to rip me a new one, know that I was a drone too once.

Going to the “9 to 5″…one that I hated…

Eating when “they” told me to…

Choking back the vomit of the “life” that they were providing for me and my family…

All because I was “supposed” to do it this way.  Well guess what rat race, I frickin’ won! 🙂  Joseph Ratliff 1  Corporate Grind 0 … game over.

So why do you live the life “you’re supposed to” ?

You go to school, an ancient institution that if it were a building, would be crumbling at every seam.  You go to college, what, so you can get a “good job” like “they” want you to?

Then you get that “good job”, and show up when “they” say…eat when they say…do whatever they say…all for one lousy income that’s worth far less than the life they are draining from you.

But the worst part is…

You keep fucking doing it!


Do you think “they” would think any less about your livelihood when the shit hits the fan?  Nope…”sorry John, but we’re needing to make some cuts, and it’s your turn to go.”  They hand you a pink slip, and out the door you go.

Come back to that same workplace a year later, and see if they care, even one bit.

So, what have you really wanted to do with your life?

(and it ISN’T what you’re doing currently, or you wouldn’t be reading this)

Think about that today.  Quit choking back the vomit of the life you’re “supposed” to have, and get out there to create the life you really want to have.

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