The World Needs You

The world needs you to deliver the most value to other people that you can, and then some. Are you up to the challenge? No more shortcuts, no more lack of communication with clients, and as few mistakes made as absolutely possible. Can you do it? The world is asking you to help improve people’s lives first, and as an…

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Do You Follow The Rules?

Recently, I was invited by Nathan Hangen to write a post on his Building Digital Empires blog. I covered some interesting tidbits about entrepreneurship, and the labeling of entrepreneurs as “rebels” by certain people. You can read that guest post here.  Enjoy! 🙂

Are You Living Life Like A Ghost?

Some people are friggin’ drones. That’s right, I said it…drones. And I don’t understand why anyone with half a mind would want to trudge along doing something or living life any less than what they want to.  But before you light off your email program to rip me a new one, know that I was a drone too once. Going…

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