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This goes in the list of things I wish email marketers would quit doing…

So, I subscribe to receive some information from a marketer…then I get that information, find out I’m not interested in the rest…

…or that I’ve receive nothing of value from the email marketer…

…or the email marketer is one of “those” email marketers…

So I click the “Unsubscribe” button.

But the “no-no” comes when I keep receiving email from that marketer…so I click the Unsubscribe button again…

…and a few days later, I STILL receive email from that marketer.

So, I have to investigate.

Two scenarios exist that cross the line of ethics here, they may not be “illegal”, but come on people…who are you sending these messages to, robots or people?  Do you really think people enjoy getting messages they don’t want?

Scenario one:

When I subscribed, the marketer immediately added me to multiple lists within their business.  I know this, because I’ve only ever subscribed to one list owned by this marketer.  However, I receive 5 emails with the same message from the same marketer each time they send a message.

Pretty stupid I think.  Sure, it might get you some results if you do this, but at what cost?  Don’t you have higher integrity than that for your business?  Do you really think people enjoy getting “pegged” with emails from you?

Scenario two:

Similar to the first, this email marketer immediately adds me to multiple lists, but across multiple email service providers (i.e. Email Aces, Aweber, and GetResponse together)…so I get multiple messages…but when I click unsubscribe from one ESP, these marketers send email from the others.

Come on people…do you really think people will continue to respond to the endless stream of emails after they’ve decided to unsubscribe?

Doesn’t “No” mean “No” to you?

Within the “make money online” niche, there are a few well-known marketers doing this currently, and I’m toiling with the decision to call them out by name, with screenshots and such.  It’s actually pretty annoying when I don’t want to see email from a marketer, but they continue the barrage of garbage in my inbox.

When does stuff like this stop?

Just wait until the great filtering gets stronger…then these marketers will be scrambling to find a new way to get their incomes back.

I just received an email in my Gmail marketing inbox, from a marketer who I purchased something from via Paypal.

This is absolutely priceless…

This marketer used the subject line from the email Paypal sent him to let him know a payment was received…and sent his email to me with that subject line…to make it look like I received a payment, just so I would open his email.  Un…friggin…believable.

Do we really have to resort to trickery to get the open these days?

And that’s not all…

Not only did this marketer use trickery to get the open…he also didn’t include any convenient way to tell him “I don’t want emails” at the bottom…you had to actually reply to this email and tell him you don’t want messages.

I’m not a legal professional (nor even close), so I don’t know if that violates CAN SPAM requirements (even IF I bought something from him before)…but this type of inconvenience boils down to one simple fact…

Now, I won’t pay attention to his emails any longer.

Way to build trust and a relationship with your list eh?

I wonder how many people will hit the “SPAM” button in their email accounts from this?  That would be an interesting stat to track.

I remember a commercial from the 80’s about Wendy’s Hamburgers.

Where’s the beef? They would ask this about their competitor’s hamburgers…claiming that a Wendy’s Hamburger had more delicious beef than say, McDonalds.

Well, I’m asking that of email marketers now.

Where’s the beef email marketers?  What content and other trust-building offers are you creating to develop a relationship with the people who take time to read your emails?

The great unfollowing, unsubscribing, and great filtering has begun folks…and that means if you offer little more than a sales pitch in your emails, you’ll soon be toast.

Believe me or don’t, but don’t come cryin’ to me when the money runs out…people aren’t stupid, and are getting bored with crap promos being sent every single email you send them.

And yes, I will call “I told you so” on this topic. 😉